I'm not too sure how to begin. I could give you advice about love and life and everything that could or should happen. But that isn't how a story is told. It's told through the eyes of the writer and heard by the ears of the reader. So maybe, I should start from the beginning.



I never once believed I’d even find myself “in love” or more in a fake love at the age of 16 but it happened. He seemed nice, a gentleman and sweet but that wasn't his true appearance. However, I was foolish and blinded by his kindness and by my affection towards him.


It started out as a friendship. Two weeks we were friends. Mucking about, play fighting and having fun. Then he “fell in love”. But can you really fall in love just like that? I'm not so convinced. In any case, we ended up dating. He admitted he fancied me over Facebook and I remember how badly I wanted to throw up. Mostly out of fear I think. And yes as I said we dated. 7 horrible months I wasted on him. So maybe I should begin with this chapter in my life...

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