They Said it'd be Fun

16 year old Paige Harpman has always loved where she lives. Her small town life has been enough for her and she doesn't need anything else. When she finds out her family is moving to one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles, she's more than a little upset. Having to leave her friends behind is the hardest thing she has to do and who knows if she's going to make friends at her new school.

P.S. For the sake of this story David Beckham is still playing soccer for the L.A. Galaxy


5. You have got to be kidding me

It's finally Saturday and I can't believe I survived a whole week at my new school. It's actually not that bad but I would never admit that to my parents. L.A is actually a lot more fun then I thought. Back in my small town there was never really anything to do except laser tagging and there was a movie theatre.


I told Brooklyn I'd walk over to his house at noon and it's already 11:30 so I should probably get dressed. I throw on a pair of jean shorts and a floral tank top since it's quite hot out today. I'm walking out the door when my phone starts to vibrate it my pocket. With out looking I press the call button. "Hello?"


"Hey Paige." It's Owen. We talk a lot but I never get tired of hearing his voice.


"Hey how are you?" I take a right turn out of my driveway and head towards his house. "I'm good just tired, what are you up to?" I stop walking and contemplate whether it's a good idea to tell him where I'm going or not. I mean we aren't dating and I am only going to hang out with a friend. I decide there's nothing really to hide so I should tell him. "I'm going to go hang out with a friend I made."


"Oh that's good what's her name?"


"Actually it's a guy and his name's Brooklyn." The other line is silent and I start to think maybe it was a bad idea to tell him. "Oh that's cool well I'm actually leaving to hang out with Jess so I'll talk to you later bye." The line goes dead before I even have a chance to respond. Since when are him and Jess friends? Jess is this really rude girl that I went to school with and could not stand.


I reach Brooklyn's house and slide my phone in my pocket before I ring the door bell. I wait approximately two minutes before someone comes to the door. I expect it to be Brooklyn but when I look up it's definitely not him. My mouth hangs open and I can't seem to close it or find the words to say. The man smiles down at me obviously finding my awestruck expression funny. "You must be Paige. Hi I'm David." He sticks out his hand and I luckily find the strength to shake it and walk inside.


A little boy comes running around the corner and almost runs into me if it wasn't for David who pulled me out of the way. "Cruz no running." He scolds the little boy and than makes sure I'm ok. I'm still unable to say anything as Brooklyn walks down the stairs and pulls me down to the basement. "What was that?" I finally find my voice once we are in the safety of his basement. "What do you mean?"


"I mean why didn't you tell me your dad was David Beckham?" My voice raises slightly and I just pray that no one upstairs can hear us. "Oh well I guess that's not the first thing I think to tell someone. Usually they end up treating me differently." I look at the saddened expression on his face and instantly regret my words.


"I'm not going to treat you differently just because I'm a fan of your dad, I just wish you would have given me some warning so I didn't look like a complete idiot." I laugh lightly and Brooklyn soon joins me. "Well I am sorry for that but your face was pretty funny." Brooklyn laughs harder and I punch his arm lightly "Hey!" We fall back on the couch still laughing as Brooklyn switches on the TV. "How about a movie?" I nod my head and he puts in one of his favorite movies.




Two hours later the movie ends and Brooklyn is passed out on the couch. Wow he must have been really tired. I get up quietly, trying my best not to wake him and make my way upstairs. When I reach the kitchen his mom is there cooking dinner. "Hi. Mrs. Beckham." She turns around and gives me a warm smile. "Hi sweetie, please call me Victoria. Mrs. Beckham sounds so old." I nod my head and take a seat at the table.


"Where's Brooklyn?"


"He fell asleep while we watched a movie." I laugh and so does Victoria as she cuts up celery. The same little boy who almost ran into me comes in the kitchen and takes a seat across from me. "Hi I'm Paige." He doesn't say anything until his mom scolds him for being rude. "I'm Cruz. Where's Brooklyn?" He looks around and then his eyes set on me.


"He fell asleep." Cruz's face drops and I look down seeing he has a soccer ball in his hand. "Did you want him to play soccer with you?" He nods his head still looking down. "Well I'll play with you." The boys head shoots up and he smiles eagerly before showing me the way outside.


He puts the ball down and tries his best to get by me, which I let him. He turns around looking quite annoyed. "Don't let me win!" He spits out angrily and I apologize trying not to laugh at his sour expression. He tries again and this time I stick out my foot and slide the ball from underneath him dribbling the other way. I turn around and see Cruz has a smile on his face as he runs after me and I quickly kick it beside him and dribble away.


We keep this up for a while, every now and then Cruz would get it and the smile on his face let me know he was proud of himself. I hear clapping and turn around to see Brooklyn and David with smiles on their faces. "Good job Paige you beat a nine year old." Brooklyn says with a smug grin on his face. "Ha ha, well I could beat you easily."


"Ohhh!." I hear David say behind him and look at him giving him a smile. Wow I managed to actually act like a human being, I'm proud of myself. "Is that a challenge?" Brooklyn asks as he walks down the steps to me. "You know it." I kick the ball through his legs and dribble away hearing David and Cruz laugh behind me. Brooklyn runs after me but I do my best to keep the ball from him.


Eventually I feel my feet being lifted off the ground and Brooklyn's arms around my waist. "Hey let me go." I yell laughing as he puts me down and dribbles away. "I win." He says triumphantly and I walk over to him punching him in the arm. "You cheater!" Brooklyn just laughs and we all walk inside. "Paige will you be joining us for dinner?" Victoria asks as she places the food on the table.


"I'd love to but I really should be getting home. Thank you so much though." I smile and Brooklyn walks me to the door. We walk outside and stand on the porch facing one another. "Well thank you so much for having me over, it was a lot of fun. We definitely have to do it again." I lean in to hug him when I feel his lips press against mine. My eyes instinctively close as he pulls me closer.


When my senses come to me I push him away. "Wha... We... we can't." I look away. Not being able to see his face will make this so much easier. "I'm sorry I thought we felt the same." Against my better judgment I look at him just to see the sad look in his eyes. "I'm sorry Brooklyn I just, I have someone back home that I care strongly about." At this his eyes shoot up to meet mine, the sadness completely disappearing. "You mean all the way across the country! Paige you can't have a relationship with someone that you'll never see. This week that we've spent together has been amazing and I thought you felt the same way." I have nothing to say as he just continues to stare at me.


"When you finally realize that your guy from back home is never going to happen come find me." And with that he closes the door leaving me there surprised at his outburst but mostly confused on how I feel. I turn away and walk down the stairs back to my house.



So what you guys think? I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say and any ideas you have to make this story better. Thanks so much for reading this story. Feel free to like and favorite it as you please.

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