They Said it'd be Fun

16 year old Paige Harpman has always loved where she lives. Her small town life has been enough for her and she doesn't need anything else. When she finds out her family is moving to one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles, she's more than a little upset. Having to leave her friends behind is the hardest thing she has to do and who knows if she's going to make friends at her new school.

P.S. For the sake of this story David Beckham is still playing soccer for the L.A. Galaxy


7. Maybe it is meant to be

The week has really flown by and I can't believe how much I actually love it here. Alexis and I have become very close and the same goes with Brooklyn. It seems like the more I hang out with him the more the feelings keep growing. I've talked to Owen and Kelly a couple times but the more time I spend here the farther everything else from before seems to drift away. I miss them but at the same time I'm happy here and I don't want to leave.


The bell for class goes off bringing me out of my thoughts and I grab my stuff before making my way to my locker. I grab my homework for the weekend and stuff it in my backpack and shut my locker making my way the bus. "Hey Paige, wait up!" I hear Brooklyn yell down the hall and I turn around seeing him running up to me.


"Hey." I say as he catches up to me. "Hey you excited for the game tonight?" He asks shifting his backpack to the other shoulder. "Yes!" I squeal jumping up and down like a little school girl. I realize what I just did and stop looking down feeling the blush creep onto my cheeks. Brooklyn laughs and puts his arm around my shoulder. "It's your first game and you're playing varsity that's amazing and you should be excited." I smile and stop, giving Brooklyn a hug.


He hesitates slightly but soon wraps his arms around my waist. I pull away and we continue to walk to he bus. "What was that for?" Brooklyn asks climbing up the stairs to the bus. I shrug my shoulders and take a seat. "I guess just for being such a great friend." He smiles and takes my hand squeezing lightly. The bus stops in front of my house and Brooklyn gets off as well saying he's just going to walk home from my house. Considering it's only down the street I don't argue.


"I'll see you at the game." Brooklyn says walking backwards towards his house. A huge smile forms on my face and I nod before turning around to walk inside.




I'm in the locker room with my team getting ready for the game when I get a text from Brooklyn wishing me luck. I smile and type a quick thank you and go back to focusing on what the coach is writing on the board. "What's got you so happy?" My team mate Brooke whispers to me. "Nothing." I give her a smile and listen to what Steve says.


"Now I've talked to Chad about this and we have both come to the conclusion that due to her skills and work ethic Paige will be starting tonight in the center mid." Everyone turns to stare at me and my mouth just falls open. Some of my team mates congratulate me while others give me dirty looks. Among those girls is the person whose spot I took, Ashley. I try my best not to look at her but the death glare she's giving me is burning a hole in my skull.


"Alright ladies lets go kick the Warriors butt!" Everyone cheers and I just stay seated until Chad comes up to me. "Hey you're going to do great." He gives me a pat on the back and helps me up leading me out the door.


I step out onto the field and the atmosphere is exactly how I remembered it with people yelling and whistles being blown. The game starts and our team has the ball kicking it off to our left mid. People are running everywhere and I get the ball from Brooke. I look up and see my team mate, but it's too late as the balls taken from me.


The first half feels like it takes forever before it ends. I walk over to get a water and I feel my eyes begin to water. "Hey Paige!" I turn around to see Brooklyn walking over to me. "What are you doing here? You can't be on the field." I sniffle and Brooklyn pulls me into a hug. "I know, you just looked like you could use a hug." I feel the tears run down my cheeks as I bury my head into his chest. "I'm playing terrible." Brooklyn pulls me away to arms length and wipes away a few tears. "It's your first game and you're nervous. It's expected."


"Well I can't do the expected if I want to stay starting. I have to be better than them in every way if I even want to keep playing." I take a sip of water and look at Brooklyn expectantly. He looks around and takes a deep breath. "You see my dad up there." He points in the stands and sure enough there's David smiling down at us. I nod trying to calm myself down. I can't believe David Beckham is watching me play soccer and I did so bad.


"Do you think he worries about being better than everyone else? Or about scoring the most goals? No he goes out on the field everyday and plays his game. Which you are not right now. You're to worried about messing up and what everyone thinks of you. Just have fun and the rest will come easily." I've stopped crying and I throw my arms around his neck. "Thank you." I whisper and jog off to the rest of my team.


"You good Paige?" I look back at Brooklyn before turning around with a smile on my face. "I'm good."


Half way through the second half it is still tied at zero and I'm playing much better. I get the ball at my feet and pass to the player on my right and make a sprint down the field. I feel the opponent hot on my trail as I see the ball lofted into the air. I stop running just as the ball swoops down towards me. I volley it off my chest, swing my right foot and volley it right into the goal. The crowd cheers as my team mates swarm me with congratulations. I look up into the crowd and first see my parents smiling and cheering with the rest of the fans. Next I see Brooklyn clapping along with his dad giving me a thumbs up and a smile. I wave my hand and join the rest of the team back in the starting positions.


The game ends with my goal being the only one letting us walk away with a victory. As I walk over to the gate with all my stuff parents and players congratulate me giving me pats on the back. I thank them as I reach my parents who have huge smiles on their faces. "Congratulations honey." My mom gives me a hug and so does my dad. "Thanks." My dad takes my bag and tells me he'll meet me at the car.


I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist and I smile knowing exactly who it is. I turn around and come face to face with a smiling Brooklyn. "You were amazing!"


"Thank you. I couldn't have done it without you." Brooklyn hugs me once again and we walk off in the direction of the cars.




When we finally get home I am beyond beat. My legs feel like jello and it takes all my energy to walk up the stairs to my room. As soon as I do I fall onto the bed and let out a long sigh. I close my eyes and pray sleep will overtake me soon. Just as I can feel myself drifting off into a peaceful slumber a knock at the window forces me to open my eyes.


I walk over cautiously, making sure there's not a murderer on the other side. I see something thrown against my window and hear the noise once again. Opening my window I peer down below and see Brooklyn standing there getting ready to throw another rock.

"What are you doing?" I whisper yelled at him coming out onto the balcony. "Come on." He motioned for me to come down. I looked at him like he was crazy but his facial expression didn't change. I sighed looking back into my room to see if I saw any lights come on in the hallway. When I saw it was still dark I took a deep breath before swinging my leg over the balcony and beginning to climb down the side of the house. Luckily the house has grooves in it making it to be like a ladder.


When I reached the bottom Brooklyn was waiting with an impatient look on his face. "It's about time." He took my hand and dragged me to the street. "I'm sorry, did you have to climb out a window?" He laughed throwing his arm around my shoulder and guiding me to who knows where.



Hey guys I am so so so sorry this has taken so long. It was supposed to be longer but I figured I have to get this out to you guys now. I wonder where Brooklyn is taking Paige. Only time will tell. Everyone have a wonderful holiday!




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