They Said it'd be Fun

16 year old Paige Harpman has always loved where she lives. Her small town life has been enough for her and she doesn't need anything else. When she finds out her family is moving to one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles, she's more than a little upset. Having to leave her friends behind is the hardest thing she has to do and who knows if she's going to make friends at her new school.

P.S. For the sake of this story David Beckham is still playing soccer for the L.A. Galaxy


8. Finally

Brooklyn walked me down the street to this little park at the end of the road. He still had his arm around me which sent butterflies through my body. When we reached the park I could see lights coming from next to the pond along with a basket. As we got closer I saw there was a picnic blanket laid out with candles surrounding it and a picnic basket. I couldn't speak as Brooklyn took a seat looking at me expectantly. I sunk down to my knees trying to regain some of my composure.


"So? What do you think?" He looked so shy and almost afraid to hear my answer which made me even happier. I love this shy vulnerable side of Brooklyn. "I love it." I breathed out taking everything in. A sigh of relief escaped Brooklyn's lips as he reached into the basket pulling out two sandwiches and two waters. "I figured you'd be hungry after the game but knowing you, you wouldn't bother to eat."


We both laughed at this knowing it was true, and as I looked at the sandwiches I realized just how hungry I am. I unwrapped the one Brooklyn handed me and took a huge bite out of it just as Brooklyn asks me a question. He laughed and I tried my best to chew fast before swallowing the bite and taking a sip of water to wash it down. "I'm sorry what was that?" He let out another joyous laugh and this time I joined him.


"I said, that was a hell of a game you played."


"Oh thank you, but like I said it was all because of you." I take another bite, but this time making sure it's much smaller. "You knew how to play it just took a little shove from someone to remind you of that." Brooklyn tells me taking a bite out of his sandwich and washing it down with water. "Well I'm glad it was you."


I realize what I said and look down already feeling the blush creep onto my cheeks. I can feel Brooklyn's eyes boring a hole into me and I cautiously look up at him. I see he starts to lean in and I don't stop myself from doing the same and soon his lips are on mine. Luckily I'm sitting down as I know I wouldn't be able to stand after this kiss.


He pulls away after only a few seconds much to my disappointment. I think he could tell I wasn't happy as he starts to laugh while he pulls me down so my head is laying on his chest. I look up seeing all the stars over our heads and can't think of anything that could make this any more perfect. As if on cue Brooklyn takes my hand in his and starts tracing patterns with his thumb.


After a couple minutes of silence I decide to speak up. "This is amazing. Thank you." I turn my head so I can look up at Brooklyn and he tilts his head giving me a light kiss. "Does this mean you're my girlfriend?" I let out a laugh and soon he does the same. "I think you have to ask me in order for that to happen."


"Well Paige Heartland I've liked you practically since you moved here and I waited patiently as you dealt with things back home but I think I've waiting enough, so will you please do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" I smile at his little speech and nod my head not being able to find the words. Brooklyn leans in and kisses me causing me to lay back down. I pull away and look up at his smiling face. "Yes I will be your girlfriend."




So a short one for you guys but I got what I needed to say said. I hope you like this story and if you could please comment giving me your ideas and thoughts I'd really like to hear them!


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