They Said it'd be Fun

16 year old Paige Harpman has always loved where she lives. Her small town life has been enough for her and she doesn't need anything else. When she finds out her family is moving to one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles, she's more than a little upset. Having to leave her friends behind is the hardest thing she has to do and who knows if she's going to make friends at her new school.

P.S. For the sake of this story David Beckham is still playing soccer for the L.A. Galaxy


4. Finally something normal

The final bell rings and I walk to my locker that took me about ten minutes to find at lunch. This school is so different from any school I've ever seen. You have to walk outside to get to your different classes and during free period and lunch you can just sit outside by the fountain near the front. Since I had no one to sit with at lunch I just spent my time walking around trying to find all my other classes. The kids seem pretty nice but I still miss my friends terribly.


I grab my bag and walk out to go to the bus. As I'm walking I pass the soccer field and see a bunch of girls stretching. I stop in my tracks and survey the team. There's about 22 of them which is not enough for JV and Varsity. Taking a deep breath I walk over to two guys talking off to the side guessing they're the coaches.


"Um excuse me?" I say getting their attention. "Yes what can we do for you." The older man asks and just by looking at him I can assume he's the head coach. "Hi my name's Paige and I was wondering if you had any spots open on the team? I just moved here and I played soccer at my old school." The coaches look at one another before they both nod their heads. "Well we could use another player. You have any clothes to practice in today?" I look down at my outfit and remember the shorts and shirt I threw on today. I'm about to say no when I remembered I packed clothes for gym this morning. I nod my head and walk over to the bathrooms to change.


When I come back out the team is huddled in a circle by the goal and I jog over to join them. The coach pulls me over to him when I reach the circle and introduces me to the team before he splits off the two teams. I'm put with the assistant  coach along with what I can assume is the JV team. Well I mean what can I expect? I'll just have to work that much harder to make it on varsity.


The assistant coach which I have learned his name is Chad instructs us to get in two lines and just practice shooting. The girls in front of me take a touch and shoot both missing terribly. As I step up to the front I take a touch and swing my foot striking it perfectly making the ball fly up to the top corner. I can hear a few people say wow as I make my way back to the line.


Practice ends and I walk over to grab my stuff when Chad pulls me back. "Hey Paige great job today. Were you on JV at your old school?"


"No I was on varsity." I say shyly not wanting it to sound like I'm bragging. "That's what I thought. Ok thank you." He dismisses me and I grab my bag and head out to wait for my parents. It's then that I remember I forgot to tell them I was staying late. I pull out my phone and call my mom only to have it go straight to voicemail. That's just great. I take a seat on the curb and send her a quick text telling her where I am.


"Paige!" I turn around and see Brooklyn jogging over to me. He takes a seat next to me and sends me a killer smile. "Hey what are you doing here so late?" He asks taking a sip of his water bottle. "Soccer practice."


"You play soccer?" He asks with a little bit of shock but also excitement which I didn't understand. "Yea the coach said I could join since I wasn't here for tryouts." He nods his head in understanding and takes another sip of water. "What are you doing here?" He holds up his cleats and says "soccer." As I look at Brooklyn I can't help but think he looks so familiar. He cuts me out of my staring when he opens up his mouth "You got a ride home?" I simply shake my head and look down at my phone for a text from my mom, but no such luck.


"Here come on. My mom can give you a ride." I don't stand up however and I just sit there staring at him. "Come on she won't mind I promise." He reaches down and takes my hand pulling me up. He directs me over to where a red Lexus is parked and a woman with sunglasses on stares out the window. "Hey mom this is Paige and I told her we could give her a ride home." The woman looks over at me and gives me a smile before saying "sure of course." I climb in the back seat while Brooklyn gets up front. I start giving her directions and soon enough we are outside my house.


"Hey no way we live just right down there." Brooklyn points to a huge mansion like house at the end of the street. This road is a court so Brooklyn's house is dead center in the court. "Really? Awesome." I climb out and make sure I have everything before I turn back around. "Thank you so much for the ride I really appreciate it." The woman pulls down her sunglasses and gives me a smile. "No problem sweetie anytime." I turn around and walk up my steps when I hear my name being called. Turning around I see Brooklyn at the bottom of the steps. "Hey I was wondering if I could have your number so you know maybe we could carpool some time since we live so close." He sounds nervous and it almost makes me laugh. I grab his phone from his hand and dial in my number before giving it back and going inside.


My parents aren't home yet so I take the time to start unpacking some of my things. There are boxes laid out on my bed and I open one up revealing all my nice clothes that I'll put in my closet. When I finish those it's time for the t-shirts, and I have a lot so it takes up two drawers. I walk back to my bed and my phone vibrates showing me a text from an unknown number. "Hey it's Brooklyn." I smile down at the message as I text back my reply. "What? Miss me already?" I laugh and put my phone down.


Not even a minute later I get a reply. "Of course. Haha but can I ask you something?" 


"Sure." I wait to hear what he want's to ask me and I'm not going to lie I'm nervous. I get a message and I take a deep breath before I open it. "Do you want to hang out on Saturday?" I'm caught off guard at his request but then I realize he probably means just as friends because we did only just meet today. I tell him I'd love to before I shut off my phone and pull out my laptop getting ready to Skype Owen.

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