2nd Chances...



11. Goodbye

Ashley's POV

Saying "goodbye" is one the hardest things to do. Especially when your saying it to someone your in love with. Especially Luke.

I sobbed and made myself get out of bed. I went downstairs and got some breakfast. I took a shower and got dressed. I didn't even bother to put any makeup on. I already knew what was coming. And I wasn't prepared for it.

I finally got a text from Luke.

"It's time.."

"Ok be there in a few.."

I wiped the tears that fell from my eyes and got in my car. I began to drive to the airport. About halfway there I turned on the radio so it wasn't silent. Coincidentally the song Almost Lover came on and I broke. I balled but didn't turn it off.

I pulled in the parking lot of the airport as soon as the song ended. I took a breath and got out of the car.

In the airport it was extremely crowed. (Duh) I looked around for Luke but I couldn't find him. I looked up at a sign that read:

Flight to Sydney, Australia - Gate 3

I made my way to Gate 3 and Luke was sitting in on of the chairs. He saw me and got up. He ran to me and we stood there in each other's arms.

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