Life of a Cat: First Days

Get an inside look of Kia's daily life of adventure.

Book 1#


2. The Start of a Story

My story starts out with a bunch of wild dogs, barking, growling violently, cursing, threatening me. My fluffy legs carried me as far as they would. Up a rough, scratchy tree.

The hounds, surrounding the tree, growled threateningly. They were an assortment of grey dogs, brown dogs, some fluffier than others, some tiny. Most of them were large dogs. Thrice my size.

But before you go any further I need you to know what even happened. And before that. And how I got here. You're probably wondering anyway.


I woke up to the salty, mouth-watering smell of fatty, grease-absorbed bacon. Joey, a human cub, about 4 years old screamed in delight. I didn't know what he was up to, but I didn't care either. Uncurling from my ball of fur, I made a great stretch, from my front paws to my hind. My mouth unhinged and stretched into a yawn. I stood up, and casually walked out of the room.

Downstairs, Joey was toddling around doing whatever the heck he felt like doing. As long as you get out of his way, you should be fine. You should always give him his way, too. If he feels like tugging your tail (which, fortunately doesn't happen anymore) then let him tug your tail. If you do otherwise, he'll start making these annoying high-pitched screams and cries as water leaks from his eyes. It's called crying, but you humans already knew that. A lot of cats would mistake it for a mating call, which I once have before.

He screamed in joy.

"VROOM VROOM! HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" He hollered. He toddled up and down the halls with his toy cars, acting them out like a roleplay. He smashed one car into another. Seemed like a fight, for sure, but cars don't smash each other in fights.

I completely passed Joey, him being oblivious to the fact I was even there. I traveled into a quieter room. A beam of sweet, golden sunlight shone through the window onto the carpet, where the sun's, sweet godly rays warmed up the square section.

I laid there.

And basked.


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