Life of a Cat: First Days

Get an inside look of Kia's daily life of adventure.

Book 1#


3. Out the Door

Ding Dong.

After about a half hour of basking, the pleasant door chime rang. Grumpily, I looked up. Some blonde, clueless girl in her teens. She smiled a white-toothed smile. She must have used what humans call, "nale polish." Not sure If I spelled it right. I never understood why humans have to look pretty to mate. And it takes forever, too. It took something like 2 years for my humans to be together.

The mom walked over casually, and opened the front door. The girl greeted her friendlily. Then she started to talk about selling this pink, moist lotion bar. I padded across the carpet, squeezed past the women and stumbled outside to the fresh air. A slight breeze brushed by me. The wind chimes made a sweet, silver sound. I sat on the wooden porch, basking in the sweet warm sunlight. It patted down on my heavy fur. More basking.

Then something rustled. Only a bird occasionally chirped happily. Besides the sweet chimes and the bird and the rustle, it was quiet. I perked up, aware of the rustle. My eyes darted to the dark, shaded bush. I eyeballed it for several seconds. I stood up and ever so quietly and slowly, I snaked onto the garden, on the soft, moist grass.

Another rustle disturbed the silence. A sly, brown mouse poked its head out of the bush. Quickly, I pounced on it. I ran for its life. I chased after it.

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