Dark Secret in Abandoned Haunted House

It's about 12-year-old twin sisters, Susie and Alice Johnson who moved into town called Haunted Town with their parent next to abandoned Amusement Park.
Susie and Alice Johnson loves exploring, even if it means to trespass.
Once they encounter Abandoned Haunted House, they find dark secret.


4. Top Evil Secret (Narrator)

Alice and Susie had no idea, Terrifying Spooky Haunted House had dark secret.

That camera in Photo and Mirror Dressing was not ordinally camera. It is pure evil and have ability to transform photo images of Alice and Susie Johnson into real perfect exact copy with their personalities and voices exactly same. While real Alice and Susie Johnson are trapped in Terrifying Spooky Haunted House, their copies will form their bodies and will take their place temperality, so their parent wouldn't worry they'll be missing. Once real one turns evil, they'll be able to come out of house and reunite with their parent and photo copies of them return into photo. Copies will remain evil, but they'll act like regular Alice and Susie Johnson.

Pictures of Alice and Susie Johnson came out from photo and formed real body of Alice and Susie Johnson.

"I am Alice Johnson." fake Alice said.

"I am Susie Johnson." fake Susie said.

"We must act like real one in order to hid..." fake Alice said.

"...our evil identify." fake Susie finished her sentence.




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