Dark Secret in Abandoned Haunted House

It's about 12-year-old twin sisters, Susie and Alice Johnson who moved into town called Haunted Town with their parent next to abandoned Amusement Park.
Susie and Alice Johnson loves exploring, even if it means to trespass.
Once they encounter Abandoned Haunted House, they find dark secret.


2. Spooky Land (Alice speaking)

Susie and I entered Spooky Land Amusement Park because we love to explore ruins, and abandoned places.

We entered ticket booth where we found paper maps of this park, so we grabbed two maps for us.

As we touch the old maps, we felt weird sensation for second, but it disappeared.

According to maps, children ride first, followed by family rides, thrill rides, exteme ride, super extreme rides.

All children and family rides are same, so we went check out Thrill Ride Section.

Thrill ride section are exactly same like other Amusement Park, including extreme rides, just different name.

Just then, we came to Super Extreme Thrill ride section which are completed different.

Daredevill Roller Coaster cars are like car-shape with thirteen cars attach. It's tracks reaches high up as fourty-three stories high, then vertical drop, then loop, then through cave.

We observe all rides are in perfect conditions.

"Susie, all the rides are perfectfully good conditions." I said.

"I agree." Susie said. "I wonder why this Amusement Park is abandoned."

Everything in Super Extreme Ride section reaches 43-story high.

Then end of Super Exteme Ride section, there was big beautiful two-story haunted house called "Terrifying Spooky Haunted House."

It was surrendered by moat and drawbridge. Across the drawbridge, there was a bus.

It was three o'clock.

"Alice, let's go check it." Susie said.

"OK." I said. "It only takes two hours ride."









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