Dark Secret in Abandoned Haunted House

It's about 12-year-old twin sisters, Susie and Alice Johnson who moved into town called Haunted Town with their parent next to abandoned Amusement Park.
Susie and Alice Johnson loves exploring, even if it means to trespass.
Once they encounter Abandoned Haunted House, they find dark secret.


10. In Spooky Department Store (Narrator)

Susie said evilly, "We cannot get home like this."

"Yes." Alice agreed. "Our parent don't like zombies, but they love to explore like us."

"Don't worry." Spooky Ferris Wheel said in girl's voice. "Once you meet your copies, photo copies merge with you and cover your real zombie head to hid your evil identify."

"OK." Johnson twins said evilly. "That's relief."

"Your copies went to Spooky Department Store." Vampire BatGirl said evilly.

"OK." twin sisters said.

Alice and Susie entered SpookyLand Department Store and we found their copy clones washing their hands in restroom. They look exactly like them.

"Evil Photo clone of us." Johnson twin said evil together. "We're ready to help conquor evilly and trick people to come here."

"Excellent job, Alice." fake Alice said evilly.

"Yes." Alice said evilly.

"Ready for action?" Fake Susie asked evilly.

"Yes, we're." Susie said evilly.

As twin sisters looked at mirror, photo clones merged with their bodies. Then real photo clone head covered up their real zombie heads as nothing happened. They are back to normal, however they're dangerously evil.

"We're ready for evil mission." Susie said evilly.

"Yes." Alice said evilly.

Then Johnson continued their parent's shopping and we kept evil rides operating non-stop.

"You girls are best." Mr. and Mrs. Johnson said as we handed our shopping bag.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad." twins said.

"Go explore town." they replied as they gave each of them $500.

"Thank you." twins said politely and we went to explore town.


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