Dark Secret in Abandoned Haunted House

It's about 12-year-old twin sisters, Susie and Alice Johnson who moved into town called Haunted Town with their parent next to abandoned Amusement Park.
Susie and Alice Johnson loves exploring, even if it means to trespass.
Once they encounter Abandoned Haunted House, they find dark secret.


6. In Home (Fake Susie)

I am Evil Alice Johnson with my evil Sister, Susie Johnson because we came out from photograph and we transformed exact perfect human clone of Alice and Susie in order to replace them temparilty until they come out of Terrifying Spooky Haunted House, so their parent wouldn't know they went missing. Until they come out from haunted house, we have to act like real them, hiding evil identify.

It was five minutes to six and we came home.

"We're home." we said.

"How was Amusement Park?" mom said.

"It was great." Alice said. "Even thought it's abandoned, all riders are perfect conditions."

"Abandoned Amusement Park in perfect condition?" dad asked us.

"Yes." I said. "It doesn't make sense it is abandoned."

"I agreed." parent said.

"Dinner is ready."

"OK, dad and mom." we said.

We went to wash our hands with soap, and went to dining room where food was.

We blessed god for our meal and we ate.

It was delicious.

It was eight. Fake Susie and I took shower together.

We all have Susie and Alice's memories because we're perfect clone copy, but only difference is we're evil photograph copy.

Then we got message that "Susie and Alice Johnson fall for a trap and turned evil in Dangerous Evil Cave.

Dangerous Evil Cave is very evil place and when good people enters this cave, they turns evil. Then they fight and argue. After that, they'll complete their haunted house tour and drawbridge  will open up, so they could return to SpookyLand.



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