Dark Secret in Abandoned Haunted House

It's about 12-year-old twin sisters, Susie and Alice Johnson who moved into town called Haunted Town with their parent next to abandoned Amusement Park.
Susie and Alice Johnson loves exploring, even if it means to trespass.
Once they encounter Abandoned Haunted House, they find dark secret.


8. Back in SpookyLand (Alice speaking)

Susie and I were back outside the Haunted House, however we're still evil and not arguing anymore.

"Susie, why we were fighting?" Susie asked evilly.

"I don't know." I said evilly.

"We better test out all these rides first for our evil trap." Susie said evilly.

"I agreed." I said evilly.

We went to Control  Room and there was button read, "PUSH THIS BUTTON TO OPERATE ALL RIDES!"

So we both push button and all rides started up.

Then, all the rides started up.

Susie and I checked out all rides.

"Everything works and it looks good." Susie said evilly.

"I agree." I said evilly.

"That Deadly Roller Coaster ride was very scary." Susie commented evilly.

"Yes, that was awesome ride." I said evilly.

As we said that all rides had faces and they smiled evilly.

"Thank you for operating us, evil ones." Deadly Roller Coaster said, which had female voice.

"Yes." SpookyLand Gift Shop said in girly voice.

"Our rides are in perfect condition just like you said." Doom Slide said in boy's voice.

"But we were forgotten Amusement Park." Terrifying Spooky Haunted House said in man's voice."

"And plus parent stop taking them to this park." SpookyLand Restaurant said in girl's voice. "Because all children who played in this park became strange." SpookyLand bar said in man's voice. "As in result, we got abandoned."

"Interesting." Susie and I said evilly. "We'll help you out."

"Oh, thank you, Susie and Alice." they replied evilly. "Actually, we were one that turn children into strange."

"I turned you into evil because you'll be perfect canditate and plus you're new in town." Terrifying Spooky Haunted House said. "I was one who trick you to enter Dangerous Evil Cave by pretending to be girl's voice screaming for help. Once you enter, you completed taken over by evil. Your zombie heads you got wouldn't come out because it's made from real skin. Then that places makes you argue or fight.
"Oh that's why we started fighting." I said evilly.

"That's right." SpookyLand Statue said in teenage girl's voice. "Once you exit her, you'll be evil, but you're not fighting because only that house makes you evil crazy.

"Thank you." Susie said evilly.

"Camera in Photo Dressing Room was not ordinally camera." Bloody Water Ride said in teenage boy's voice.

Then deadly mummy came out and said, "It was evil camera that turns photograph pictures into real perfect copy of you with your voice, your exact copies, memories, but only difference they remain evil."

Then scary ghost said in female's voice and said, "That's right. While you were exploring haunted house, exact perfect photo clone copies of you took your place because your parent wouldn't worry."

"That was excellent plan." we remarked evilly.

"Every electronic and watch stops working in there because it keeps you from escaping." witch said evilly. "To total you forever until you're taken over by evil spirit."

"We'll trick people and turn them into evil." Susie said evilly.

"We love to help you take over the world." I said evilly. "That's what we like to do."

"Thank you, evil ones."


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