He was a playboy
She was a bad ass
fortunately fell in love
and here the story goes.....


3. Chapter 2; He was cute...!

Caroline's POV

Okay so max told me that he wants me to meet someone and i said yes cz he said he was his best mate and after the break up of me and jake i wanted to move on so yeah.. I said yes . he told me to meet him and i guess drake .. yeah drake on the highway cz thats where me and max usally sit so i went there and when i saw him iwas like.. god! He is hot! trust me he was! Jet black hair sling back. dark blue eyes line ocean. sexy beard with mostache that makes him look hotter. He was truly hot. 

so i went to him and said 'hey your drake right?' ' must be caroline ?' he said 'yup..''so..?where's max?

'being a dog he is .. he did'nt came!' 'eeeh someone's pissed huh? ' he frowned ' comeon dude snap up ! im here ..' 'he maybe got busy somewhere else' i said 'or maybe he's got a hangover' he said 'true..true..' 'so where are u from? he asked 'im from paris 'i said ' so what are u doing here in england?' 'well i stay here with my aunt cz i got bored  staying in paris and speaking french all the time.' 'well notall people in paris spekfrench ' 'yeah i know but my family has got rules''oh so..?' he said 'tell me about yourself now!' 'well i grew up here in bradford  i have one brother and i would be going to germany  for collage' 'ohokay' and he smirked and said 'and im single' i let out a chuckle and said 'so am i' while smirking and raising eyebrows ' are u hungry?'he asked ' i said yeah im always hungry' 'so... where to?' 'umm.. i dont know? nandos? or macdonalds?' 'i prefer macdonalds'he said

'okay so lets go there''ZOOOOO!!!' i laughed he was as retarded as i was and...

He was Cute...!

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