Princess Amalia

In 3000 b.C the princess have no control over their own life. Especially when it comes to sacrifice for their people. ( this is not historically accurate) Copyright @2014


1. Move to Survive

Amalia's P.OV

I sit by the side of my mother as our people come through the doors one by one to retrieve supplies for their family's. Our kingdoms river's have run dry and the crops have wilted by the sun. Slowly the people passed by starvation and thirst. The children's stomach's growled for a crumb of bread that their parents could not give them. 

" Amelia my dear we must move from our land if we wish to keep these people alive." My mother's tone was full of broken heart and sorrow. My father had left moths ago to the Romans to hopefully find some sliver of hope for us , but he still hasn't come home . The queen sent 12 of the fastest messengers around the village to tell the people to meet at the dried river to began are move, the move to survive. The next town of civilization was across the dead mountains. Which are not the easiest path. The queen and I sat on our horses as we moved with the walking people. From the corner of my I saw a mother struggling to hold her bundled up child.

" stop young woman." I pointed in her direction and she quickly stopped. I hoped down off my horse and walked to her.

" let me take your child with me on my horse . I will return him to you when we make are destination." I spoke softly with smile showing her that I meant no harm. The lady was about to hand me the bundle of blanket and kid , when my own mother ripped me away.

" AMELIA! She's a morning mother! That baby died days ago, she can't let go of it cause it was her fault she couldn't protect the basterd." The queen yelled with very un needed anger, as if she personal new them. Placed back on my horse we started are journey again.

Many days went by and we still were walking. My horse whimpered one last time before falling to its knees and passing. The starving people asked me if it was ok to butcher it for meat , I told them they could after I had gotten far enough away. My mother offered me her horse but I told her to keep it and i began walking along with the people. Their lips were cracked and their eyes sunk into their skulls. Barely any children and elderly survived. When it was time to rest for the night I went to my mother tent to discuss some things with her.

" mother the people can't go any further they look like decaying bodies with small amounts of life. " I squeezed her hand tightly" we must send some one I front of us on your horse they can bring us back water, and get are greetings from the next town or kingdom." My mother nodded her head.

" yes you are wise my dear . Send rut on my horse he will help. But leave me for I need sleep." She shooed me away with her hand. Something troubled the queen but I didn't dare ask after my dismissal.

Two days of waiting went by and rut came back on a new black stallion. Both man and horse looked well feed and cared for. I quickly got my mother and brought her outside.

" my queen , the kingdom wheton has agreed to take us in with only one small exception." Ruts eyes danced over me before he lowered his head.

" any thing what do they want?" My mother was more then eggar.

" the princess must be wed and bedded by the prince of the tribe that protects the gates of their kingdom , if he isn't they will not take your people in." Rut kicked the ground , my mother gasped and my heart started to slowly break apart.



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