The Baby Project

Deena Wheets is a normal high school girl - hormonal, dramatic, and thinks she and her boyfriend Brian Micheals are ready to take the next step. When her health teacher assigns the class 'The Baby Project' will she go through with her decision and take the plunge or rethink her idea and back out?
Credit to Queen Slayonce for giving me this story. She also wrote the blurb, banner, cast and prologue and the chapter A cliche beginning.


1. Prologue and Cast


The day I finally thought I was ready

to give myself up completely to Brian

is the day my teacher to assign me this stupid project

not to mention, Louis Tomlinson of all people is my partner.

Is this project a sign? Or is it just my paranoia?


The Baby Project


All rights reserved to Sabitha.K



Kat Graham » Deena Wheets

Logan Lerman » Brian Micheals

Louis Tomlinson » Himself

|Side note|

Note: Thanks for Queen Slayonce for giving me this story. She wrote this prologue and cast and she wrote the chapter A cliche beginning, everything else will be written by me. Hopefully I will write as good as her, and hopefully you will all like it. Please give me honest feedback to improve.


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