The Baby Project

Deena Wheets is a normal high school girl - hormonal, dramatic, and thinks she and her boyfriend Brian Micheals are ready to take the next step. When her health teacher assigns the class 'The Baby Project' will she go through with her decision and take the plunge or rethink her idea and back out?
Credit to Queen Slayonce for giving me this story. She also wrote the blurb, banner, cast and prologue and the chapter A cliche beginning.


2. A Cliche Beginning

Groaning, I stomped my balled up fist onto the snooze button of the blaring alarm clock that sat on my bed stand before cuddling into my pillow a bit more.


I’m Deena - Deena Wheets, your typical seventeen year old high school senior. I hate sports and people who think they’re better than me. I also hate the fact that I have to get up at five A.M to get an education I never asked for, but I guess I have to be grateful.


"Deena!" I hear my mother down the hall, "Get your ass up. You have take your brother to school!"


"Just five more minutes, please?" I begged, closing my eyes tighter, wishing upon the heavens that the would say yes.


"No. Go get ready before you are both late!"


Well, damn.


Rolling over, I got up and heading into the bathroom and began getting ready for eight hours of bullshit.


About twenty five minutes later I was dressed wearing my blue and white school uniform. Yes I said it, uniform. The school thought that uniforms could make students more focused on the work and not each other.


Whatever any of that nonsense meant.


Snatching my bag off the doorknob, I headed downstairs where my brother Miguel, sat at the table eating Cap'n Crunch.


"Morning Dweeb." I greeted him, ruffling up his hair.


“Morning,” He responded, scooping his last few pieces of cereal from the spoon into his mouth and placing the bowl in the sink, “Are you ready for school?”


That was a stupid question. “When am I ever ready for school?”


“You make a good point.” Miguel agreed smugly, taking his brown paper bag lunch Mom packed for him and shoved it in his backpack, not caring about the contents that can get squished. He never ate his lunch anyways.

We hurried and put our shoes on before we headed out, driving towards the hell hole known as school.

This chapter is short, but I hope you like it.  This chapter was written by Queen Slayonce. The rest of the story after this will be written by me Sabitha.K. Thank you to Queen Slayonce for the lovely banner, cover, chapter.

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