3. loved

I got in the car with Luke and ash we went to the bus we go on the bus and Harry came to me and hugged me tight I said I'm fine Harry he said but you went home alone to dad I said yes I'm fine Harry ash and Luke were outside I was fine dad knows we are gone but he doesn't care Harry I'm sorry he hugged me again ash asked us if it was okay if Harry was in Luke's bunk and I was in his I said its fine with us thank you ash he hugged me and kisse do my forehead Luke and Harry went to bed along with everybody else except me and ash we were on the couch ash asked me I dad ever hit us I said yes he did I told him to stop hitting Harry and he did but he would hit me instead I was fine I was just worried about Harry he pulled me close and hugged me tight he kissed my forehead and asked if I wanted I go to bed I said yes he said okay we walked to the bunk he was the bottom I laid down he laid down next to me an pulled me close to his chest I kissed his cheek and said goodnight big brother he said goodnight love you little sister we fell asleep we woke up and me and ash went to the front of the bus and ash and me sat down I heard two others get up it was Luke and Harry Harry came running to me and hugged me and kissed me on my cheek I said thank you to Luke who let him sleep In his bunk he said no problem we finished the our with the boys it was time for me and arty to go back to our house apparently our house is the same nothing changed I went to my room I shared with ash it was the same my space not touched at all ash came in and said I'm glad I have my room mate back I said me to I hugged him we heard crying our mom wasn't home it was us and Gary we ran to Harry's room he was crying we ran to him an sat down I asked him what's wrong he said dad hit you instead of me didn't e I said yes I'm sorry Harry he hugged me I said we are safe now Harry don't worry he said okay

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