4. loved again

Me and Harry have been home for almost a month we have gotten closer to the other boys they actually are really protective of us especially Luke and cal me and Harry are in middle school I made sure me and Harry had all classes together we all went to northwest Christian along with the other boys we have lunch and some classes together but me and Harry have all the same classes and lunch me and Harry were walking to ash car and some guy and girl came up to us and asked us if we were new I said yeah the girl took Harry and the guy took me aside he said so do you have a boyfriend I sai no he said good then he kissed me I pushed him away and grabbed Harry we walked home I asked Harry if the girl asked him out he said yeah I said did you see what the guy did he said yeah I'm sorry Hannah I said its fine Harry we walked in the boys rushed to us and asked what happened why were we late Getting home I said we would have been home sooner if some girl hadn't asked Harry out and some guy hadn't kissed me ash came to me and grabbed my and pulled me to our room I said what ash he said who kissed you I said I do t know he pulled me close and said I should have been there I'm sorry Hannah I said its fine ash can we talk about this tomorrow he said yes I said I'm going to bed goodnight ash he said goodnight I woke up got ready for school In my school uniform I walked to school with the boys when we got there I told ash I saw the guy and the girl he said where I pointed to them him and Mikey walked I them and told them to leave us alone they came back to us and asked if we were ready to go to first period I said yes

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