1. gone

Hi am Hannah Irwin I have a younger brother Harry we have an older brother Ashton he is in a group call 5 second f summer me and Harry live with our dad and ash lives with our mom my friend knew ash was our sibling and so did ash we just never talked we would see each other sometimes so he knows what we look like 5 SOS was coming to Sydney Australia and my friend got me and Harry tickets or meet and greet I thanked her me and Harry got to the meet and greet our friends mom drove us our dad doesn't have a clue where we are he thinks we are at a friends we thanked our friend and her mom we got in line we were last we got to ash he looked up and said Hannah I said ash he hugged me and Harry we got to meet the other boys they were really cool guys we were sitting in the back room we weren't staying

No the night at our friends our dad never let's us stay outside I the house I got. Text from our dad it said if we weren't home sooner would get a beating I told ash we have to goi said our dad is going to beat us if we aren't home soon he said our dad you mean I said yes I told him to tell mom I said hi he said come with me I won't keep you long please I said fine he took me to there bus our mom was there she hugged me and said I missed you two so much we hugged her she said we could move with her and never go backup our dads I said yeah but Harry medicine is at our house I have to get his medicine she said okay you give us the address we will pick you up at 1030 i said okay can Harry stay with you until then she said I course I was the middle chil I'm 14 ash 20 and Harry is 10

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