You Found Me

Everyone bullies her. Her parents didn't want her, so now she's in foster care. No one knows that and she prayed no one ever found out. One day she had enough. But harry stops her.


2. Chapter 2

Isabelle P.O.V.

This boy is insane. His words keep echoing in my head, bouncing inside over and over again. He doesn't even know me, yet he is risking his life. I stared into his green eyes and i am mesmerized. His hand is warm and my little hands fit in his perfectly. I notice a slight smile come to the edge of his lips making me snap out of whatever trans i was just in a moment ago.

"What?" I asked looking away and down to the rocky water beneath us.

"Come on love you don't want to do this." He said grabbing my chin.

"And how would you know?"

"Love, no one wants to do this, you feel obligated to. Whatever made you think about doing this just remember that you are not alone." A slight smile appeared on my face.

"I'll give you my number, if you ever need anything call me. We're staying here for a week so just give me a call and we can meet up and can talk if you want. Okay?" I nodded before climbing back over then fence. We walked to the tour bus and he handed my a piece of paper with numbers on it.  He waved bye then got on the bus driving away. I have Harry styles number! Not only that but he saved me.

I slowly walked back to the school not going in, just waiting for the end bell to ring allowing me to leave with out getting in trouble for being home early.

The bell rang letting everyone leave the premises. I slowly walk 'home' scared of what awaits me. Mark said that he would finish with me later and honestly im terrified. Just the thought of what he could do was what scared me the most.

I was hoping just to carefully open the door and run to my room and locking it. But of course with my luck that didn't happen. It creaked. I shut it carefully and turned to see an angry Mark in front of me. 

"mark, I-i sw-swear i d-didn't do th-that to her." i whispered terrified. This man is capable of so many things I can't help but to be terrified.

He grinned obviously seeing my fear right through me. He launches himself out at me making me cry as im pushed up against the wall. He banged my head making me become dizzy. I just wish that he would kill me.

My life sucks and i didn't do anything to deserve this. His fist flew against my face making a loud smack and tears instantly growing. This was definitely was going to leave a mark.He carried me to my room before throwing me on the ground harshly.

His fist made contact a few more times before i fall almost lifeless on the ground. I feel blood trickle down my forehead, hearing Mark laugh. His laugh decreases then finally just stopped. I sit up slowly crying out in pain. hes gone and my door was now shut and probably locked from the outside.

Crawling, I made my way to my closet pulling out what few clothes i had and stuffing them into a small tote bag. I very quietly opened my window and looked down. Fuck my life. Im on the second floor. I threw my bag out before climbing out of the window and onto the room. With out another thought, I jumped.m It hurt as i landed on the ground, but i was free. I went into the bushes in case he notices or sees me. But i had no where to go, no money, well, only 27$ that i saved from spare change in the couch. It was cold so i stuck my hands in my pockets, on the left side i felt something and i pulled it out to see its a note.


I never got your name but hopefully i will hear from you soon. Here's my number... ***-***-****


That's when i made my decision. I was going to call him. Carefully i walked to a near by gas station and put a quarter in the pay phone. It rang for what felt like ever and i honestly felt scared. He was going to ask me what happened to me and i wasn't ready to tell anyone "Hey my foster father abuses me"

"hello?" His angelic voice asked making my heart pound.


"Yeah who is this?"

"it's me... the girl from today?" I asked more than answered.

"Love are you okay?"

"N-no!" i started to silently cry, I had a hood up so no one saw my face or even that i was injured.

"Sh love, where are you?" 

"Shackey's gas station." 

"im like 10 minutes from there, im on my way." 

I said thank you before hanging up. I waited outside in the rain because i didnt want to look suspicious. What if Mark drives by and sees me out here? He'd kill me if he found out what i did. Maybe Harry and the boys would take me to my mom.. i know i could find her. A car pulled up and the door opened. What if it isnt Harry? Relief washed ove me when i finally see him. He grabs me and pulls me into a hug making me wince in pain.

"What happened to you?" he asked as his finger slide over my bruises. I nodded nothing and finally we got out of the rain and into the car.   


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