You Found Me

Everyone bullies her. Her parents didn't want her, so now she's in foster care. No one knows that and she prayed no one ever found out. One day she had enough. But harry stops her.


1. Chapter 1

Isabelle's P.O.V.

I sat in my room, getting ready for school. one Direction quietly going through my speakers. I don't have much but i do have a little radio and all the one direction CD's. They are my heros, literally. 

"Isabelle!?" A voice boomed through the house. It was Mark. I don't want to go see him but i know if i dont my punishment will be ten times worse. My heart is pounding out of my chest as i slowly walk down to the living room. When i see his face i automatically cringe. This is my life. The life that consists of an abusive foster family, and foster sister that hates my guts, and getting bullied everyday at school. 

"Yes?" I asked far from him, if i got to close he'd easily hit me for no reason.

"Did you fucking do this?" He asked before showing me a small bruise on Jenna's arm.

"N-no sir i don't know how that got there." I said truthfully. He calls me a liar before pushing me on the ground, hitting me repetitively.

"we will finish this after school." He whispered as he got off me.

I started walking to school as Mark drove Jenna. I hate them both, why did my parents give me up? I wish they didn't and i wonder how my life would be if they didn't. i would probably have nice clothes, not self harm myself, or go through so much abuse and bullying. When im 18 and out of this hell hole i will find them and I will show them what happened to me.  

I got to school and made my way in immediate wish the day was over. Everyone kept looking at me and whispering. No one really talked to me, except these 4 guys that torture me daily. I wish they knew about what happens at 'home' and i wonder if they did if they would stop with the bullying. Probably not. 

"well isn't it Isabelle." Someones says. I turn to see Jordan and his group. Tears started to form in my eyes but i quickly look away. He can't see me cry. He can't see me broken. It will just make things worse. No one here knows how screwed up i am. They see me as the quiet innocent type and that's why im bullied. No one knows i cut and no one knows about my foster home. Im just the easy target that everyone sees. 

They pull me aside throwing me into a janitors closet. One by one they all started hitting me, kicking, and throwing insults leaving their spit in my face. I cried more and more until they left leaving me in there almost lifeless. I'm gonna do it. I slowly got up off the floor before running out of the building. I stopped running as soon as i got out. I was already out of breath. That is what shows me how fat and useless i am. slowly, I walked to a bridge. It was a fairly little bridge but the drop was far. I climbed over the little fence and just as i was about to jump I hear someone.

Harry's P.O.V.

"C'mon mate stop." I laughed at Niall as he kept eating my favorite crisps. I quickly grabbed the before running to the front of the bus where paul was. He just sat there laughing at us. I shoved some in my mouth as i looked out the front windshield.

"Paul look." I say as i point out a girl climbing over the bridge fence. 

"Pull over." I say.

"Harry we can-"

"Paul pull over!" i yelled. He did as i said and i ran off the bus, the boys following me off but not going with me. As i got closer to her i noticed her crying. 

"Stop!" I yelled making her turn her head. She was really pretty even with tears running down her face. I walked over to the fence and notice her face expression turn, maybe she notices who i am. I looked down to see how far the drop is, all the bottom consists of is rock. 

"Love don't do this." I say only the fence is separating us. 

"You wouldn't care if i jumped no one would, especially Harry Styles." 

"You don't know that." I said hoping to change her mind. 

"Yes i do." She says as she looks down to the shallow water beneath her. I climbed over the fence and stood next to her. This is the craziest thing ive ever done and I can hear paul in the background telling me to get out of there. She look surprised as i do this action. I grab her hand.

"What are you doing?" She asked in surprise.

"You jump, I jump." 

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