The lost book



1. louis Tomlinson

You go out of bed rushing to the courtyard. We had to find the book its the only way to put out the candle. The one that would never ho out and cursed anyone who put water on it. "Louis im sorry im late " " sorry we are trying to save people " as soon as louis said thst a sivler car comes rushing towards you. "Jenna hop on my back" "ok". "Louis its faster" " duck". He ran you in to a cave. "Are you ok" louis spoke softly almost as a wisper " i miss the boys " you spoke as you started to cry. Louis held you in his arms tightly. " its ok sweetheart we will meet them in the 8th stop" "i cant wait that long" " just cry i won't judge you are fantastic " " if I haven't met you and the guys i would still be in my bedroom dreding the day" " jenna its ok" " i know louis. You sat there on louis lap as he cointenuied to hold you tightly. Wispering " everything will be alright ". Thats all you could remember from that night. The next morning you woke up and louis was still awake holding you tight, " i wanted you to stay safe" " thank you" " we better go its 12am we half to hop on the back of a semi" " somehow I never imagined I would do that". You both laughed as you walk out of the dar cave and run to the semi. " be quiet or they will here us " " oh so louis your sundenly Sherlock homes" " ha no" he said sarcastically. " he's coming" " hide in that box" you steped onto a crate and stepped into the box with louis following you. It was dead silent for three minutes. " hes gone" " ok". The truk pulled off it wasn't but three hours later it stopped. " jenna we are gonna get out and your gonna hope on my back we will run for the handstoon garden under the oak tree they cant see us there" " got it". You hoped on louis back as he took off. You and louis had been friends for a few years. " under". As louis said that he dived under the oak tree. Louis had landed and you stumbled off. Rolling down the steep hill and hit the barb wire fence. You broke through the fience as you rolled off a 12 foot cliff. Louis razzed down to you the barb wire had almost cut your arm off . Your Leah was gushing out blood. Louis took his light jacket off and tied it tight around your arm. As it was still bleeding louis took off his black shirt and tied it around your leg. Shirtless and wispering in your ear. " don't go Jenna don't leave me I love you so much please don't go ". Louis picked you up and ran to the nerist hospital. They took you in to surgrry they found it wasnt about to come off a price off barb wire was stuck in your arm and leg you were unconciuce. The doctor removed the barb wire woke you up and said you were safe to leave. As you and louis were walking out

This is based on a dream I had

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