The Adventures of a First Year Deer

Xiao Luhan has a problem. No, it's not the daunting first semester of university.
And no, it's not the fact that he has a unicorn and a boazi as friends.
He just keeps on being mistaken as a girl which never proves a real predicament until one day, something happens...causing a massive bubble tea fight and a runaway deer. Oh and he's also got crazed fry-pan wielding lunatic hunting him down.


4. 4.

It was a week later that I woke up (this was additional information that I acquired later). There was an urge to announce my awakening when I regained consciousness but I opted for keeping my eyes closed for a while longer to enjoy the serene silence that was so rare in the university dorms. It didn't even scare me that I had no idea what had happened or that I had a cast on my leg. In fact, the deafening sound of metal hitting head that constantly rang around my head didn't faze me at all. What surprised me was the glare I was getting when I finally sat up.

“Stuff you,” was the first thing Kyungsoo said to me. He was fuming in the corner with a big pan tucked under his arm and a cooking book propped up on his lap. His wide eyes were shooting daggers at me.

I shifted so that my right arm was supporting me and my body was turned sideways in order to get a better view of the room. “Saranghae,” I muttered and formed a weird heart shape with my two arms above my head.

Kyungsoo made a move but Baekhyun jumped in. Quite literally. He bounded from his place at the doorway and tackled Kyungsoo to the ground, snatched his utensil away from him and pushed him back into his chair. “Stuff you too,” Kyungsoo added. A storm cloud brewed even darker above him.

Baekhyun handed the pan over to Chanyeol who was busily eating a snack. A few crumbs dropped to the floor when he took the pan and the first aid nurse eyed him with distaste. “Take this Channie. Satan-Soo is still on the loose. We don't want any unwanted violence happening now. I like my face the way it is.” Baekhyun patted his face fondly and even ran a finger along his waterline to check whether his stupid eyeliner was still intact. For the first time he was actually taking something seriously...or so it can never really tell...

I rubbed my head as a faint throbbing slowly started. “Would anyone mind telling me what happened?” I demanded.

“Well...” Baekhyun began. He scratched at his head nervously.

“Yes?” I prompted.

Everyone turned to me then.

And that is when...

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