Semi Colored

In this story you will follow the life of a gay boy, a gay couple, and a terrifying homophobe.


1. Prologue

The sun is the light that brought out the semi colored mood. It pasted orange and tinted pink. It's belly was only to be seen from the hazy horizon.

A boy sat against his window with snotty sobs radiating towards the sun.

He was full of butterfly specked bruises that licked with a purple tongue. His mouth had a fountain of blood but he did not make a sound.

His sobs were quiet and soft, just loud enough to be heard through the door. But his drunken father didn't hear him because of his immense hangover.

He cradled a Barbie doll against his chest and combed her hair. It was torn from place to place leaving exposed plastic.

He thought of when his mother had given him the doll.

"Take it with great care princess. One day, you'll be just like barbie." she had said combing his blonde hair away from his face. He was drawing a picture with melting crayons and tried to ignore the drunken rage his father was going through.

At the age of 11, he was no fool. After his mother had died, he kept his doll hidden with the dust of under his bed. His father hadn't known. Re

Until he had mistakenly stumbled in from how intoxicated he was. The boy was combing the Barbie doll and openly conversed with her.

The things his father had said were still sizzled into his brain.

"Alex! You gay faggot! No wonder your mother died! She'd rather die than have a queer as a kid! Give me that doll faggot!"

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