Fright Nite

Every Halloween it is told all the Undead Creature Come out. Zombies, Vampires, Wicked Witches, Beasts, and all that Scary Stuff. James is a 153 year old Vampire. He is Popular and has a huge desire for Blood, then there is Tuck, the not so bad beast, but with a dark side and last but not least, Gloria the wicked witch with a Sense of Style.
The Best friends will band together to make Halloween the Fight Nite


1. One Second

James POV

I have been Asleep in a Grave Yard for the last 365 Days. Same with My best friends Tuck and Gloria. 1 night each year we are let out for 1 whole night. So we take advantage of it, we try to stay longer, I think this year will be our year. You see, when I say we are asleep for basically 1 year, we can think and see as if we were awake, but no one would know because we can't move.


  I miss Tuck, Tuck is so caring, but he is awesome when he lets loose and has some fun. Gloria, more like my best friend, so sarcastic and Feisty, with her awesome sense of unique fashion. I miss them so much and wished we had more time together. We have been trying for the last 50 years to stay longer than a night and we are so close. I have 1 hour until I can wake up. So I can see my friends and have a large buffet of blood, you heard me blood, I might cause chaos but it is worth it. All we needed and Have is:

4/5 Witches drained of blood

1/2 Locks of hair, from a women older than 90

3/3 Finger from a girl the age of 70 (Don't ask how we got them)


If you have seen any of these please would you be so willing to give them to us.

Oh my gosh look where the time has gone, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

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