Larry Stylinson


11. Epilogue Part 2/2

Jack, Olivia, and I sat in Uncle Liams living room. Jack had on a nice suit while Olivia and I wore black dresses.

"Okay, Olivia." I took a deep breath. "It's time you know how our dads met. It all started with the X Factor..."


"...and they've been happy since." Jack finished.

Olivia was in tears. "Why'd they leave if they were so happy?"

"Because there are some things in this world that no one can control." I sniffled. "Like a car crash on the motorway."

Olivia whimpered and hugged me tightly, which I returned.

Uncle Liam walked in with our bags and set them down. "How are you kids holding up?"

"Not so good..." Jack sighed. "We just told Olivia the story."

He nodded and Uncle Niall walked over, the two of them hugging us.


Goodbye, dad and daddy.

We'll miss you always.

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