Larry Stylinson


2. Chapter Two

My eyes fluttered open, meeting Nialls closed pair. He must have fallen asleep with me... I looked up to Louis' bunk, only to find him watching us. His eyes slowly met mine and they widened, him backing up into his bunk where I couldn't see him. A smirked played on my lips, but soon went away. Maybe he was just checking who was awake... I sighed, cuddling with Niall again, soon falling asleep.

As I woke up, I noticed how cold I was. I opened my eyes, looking around. Niall must have gotten up... Sitting up and peeking out from my bunk, I saw that no one was in the bus. All alone... Why didn't they wake me? I checked my phone, seeing 20 texts, all from Eleanor.
"Go die."
"He's my boyfriend."

I sighed. I guess Louis told Eleanor... The bus door opened and I peeked out, seeing Niall and Liam. "Psst... Guys..." I waved them over. They walked to my bunk, sitting on either side of me. "I got these from Eleanor." I handed them my phone and they looked through the messages, teeth gritted.
Liam looked at me. "What are you going to do?"
"Good. Wait, what?!"
"I'm not going to do anything about it."
"What?" Niall asked softly. "Y-You have to do something... You should at least tell L--"
"I am not telling Louis. I'll just pretend none of this happened."
"That will be kind of hard during concerts... Louis won't let any Larry moments happen." Liam mentioned.
I nodded. "I know. I 'll just have to flirt with someone else." A chuckled erupted from the back of my throat. "Maybe it'll make him jealous..." A tear fell from my eye and Niall leaned over, hugging me. I hugged back, laying my head on his shoulder.
The bus door opened up and Liam stood, walking over to whoever came in. After a few minutes, another pair of arms wrapped around me. I let go of Niall and turned around, seeing Louis. He nodded and I wrapped my arms around him, my head on his shoulder. He lifted his legs onto the bunk, slowly laying down with me next to him.
"Liam told you, didn't he? About Eleanor?" I whispered.
Louis sighed, nodding. "He did..."
"Damn it, I told him not to--"
"It's my fault she knows, Harry."
"...I know. Doesn't mean he had to tell you. I had a plan."
"What was your plan?" He turned on his side, facing me.
So close... "To act like it never happened... Liam said it'd be hard to go back to normal since there wouldn't be anymore Larry--"
"He said that? But... Why?" Louis' voice got soft, as if he were sad.
"Well... I also thought that--"
"Why?" His voice went stern.
"Because of what you said?"
I bit my lip, nodding. "We figured that since you knew, you wouldn't want to do Larry anymore. So I was thinking that I'd find someone else to flirt with on stage." I watched his eyes for any emotion close to jealousy, but didn't find anything.
Louis rolled closer. "I'm sorry about telling Eleanor."
He totally ignored that... "Don't get any closer..." I whispered.
Louis looked at the distance between us. "We used to cuddle at night and now we can barely be by each other... What happened?"
Is he really asking me that? "What happened was that I couldn't keep my feelings a secret anymore." I spat, getting up and walking to the main part of the bus.
"Mate..." I heard behind me. "You should leave him alone..."
I laid on the couch, sighing. No one understands me. It's not the same as liking a girl... 
"What?!" I snapped. I turned over to see Niall. Sighing, I opened my arms and he laid next to me. "I'm sorry for snapping at you..."
"It's okay... I understand..."
"No, you don't. No one does."
"Actually... I do... I like Liam."
I stared at Niall. "No fuckin way."
He chuckled, nodding. "It's true."
I pulled Niall close, hugging him. "I'm so glad I'm not alone on this..."
"Me too..." He hugged back.
"How about... On stage, instead of Niam and Larry, we try Narry, see if Liam gets jealous."
"And Louis."
I shook my head. "He won't get jealous."
"Are you sure?" Niall nodded his head to the side.
I looked over at Louis, him glaring at Niall. My eyes traveled back to Niall. "He was watching us sleep last night."
"That's creepy... What happened?"
"You were still asleep. He was peeking from his bed and when he noticed I saw him, he crawled back into his bunk so I couldn't see him."
Niall giggled. "Are you sure he doesn't like you?"
I sighed. "You heard him... He found his soulmate."
"Did it ever occur to you that... Maybe he was talking about you?"
"No... He wouldn't be. We were on my bunk, cuddling, but he ignored when I brought up the Larry topic. Plus when I mentioned about flirting with someone else, there was no jealousy in his eyes or anything related to it."
Niall sighed. "I'll help you, if you'll help me."
"You can't help me but... Deal."

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