Larry Stylinson


3. Chapter Three

Whenever Louis tried coming near me, someone distracted him.
"Lads, let him through. It's been days since you let him talk to me last."
Zayn looked at me. "Are you sure?" I nodded and he let Louis through.
Louis ran over, hugging me. "Harry..."
I wrapped my arms around the boy, my head on his. "Hey..."
"I don't care if you like me." Ouch, that hurt. "But we're inseparable. I can't be kept away from you. I just can't be..."
Something wet landed on my shoulder. I looked at Louis to see tears falling from his eyes. "Oh Lou..." I held him closer.
"I-I'm sorry about what I said... I didn't mean to m-make you mad a-and I didn't know they'd make me stay away from you for days... I-I can't do that again. I can't go an hour without you, nonetheless days!"
"Sh, Louis..." I walked back, laying on the couch with Louis next to me, holding him close. "Sh... It's okay..."
Louis shook his head and rolled over so he was laying on top of me. "We can still do Larry. I don't care what Eleanor thinks."
I gently ran my hand through his hair. "Sh... Calm down, Louis..." My eyes traveled past him to the others who were staring at us. They looked back and got off the bus, leaving Louis and I alone.
"Louis--" There was a knock on the door and I sighed.
Louis got up and opened the door. "Eleanor..."
I sat up. "Eleanor?"
She walked in. "Zayn texted me saying you two were gonna be alone."
I got up, walking over, staying a good distance from Louis. "Don't worry, I know my boundaries." I narrowed my eyes at her and she narrowed hers back.
"Louis, let's go out for the rest of the day." Eleanor took his hand.
He shook his head, taking his hand away. "I'm staying with Harry."
I sighed. "Go with her, Louis." I walked over to my bunk and laid down. It was quiet for a bit until the door closed. I sighed, freezing when the bed dipper down behind me. Turning around, my eyes met Louis'. "I thought you left."
"No... I told her to leave... I haven't seen you in days, I'm not leaving now."
"I can't believe Zayn told her..."
"Don't be mad at him... It's like when I told her about what you said..."
"You were just trying to protect your relationship with her."
Our phones vibrated and Louis got up, going to the kitchen to get his.
"Harry, don't check your phone." Liam said as he ran in.
"Why not?" I opened my phone, going on Twitter.
"louis_Tomlinson: I don't believe in 'Larry Stylinson' and I don't like it. I'm happy with Eleanor." 
"Oh..." I bit my lip. I looked over, seeing that he posted it a few days ago.
Louis walked over. "Harry--"
I shook my head. "I'm fine. Like I said earlier, go be with your girlfriend."
"But Harry--"
"Go!" He jumped, quickly getting off the bus. Niall sat next to me, holding me close. "I'm okay. I've been rejected by straight guys multiple times..."
"You're not alone on that..." Niall whispered.
I nodded, remembering that I'm not alone on this, that I had Niall to help me through everything. Liam had on his thinking face.
"Li, what are you thinking?" Niall asked.
"A few days ago, when this was posted, Louis didn't have his phone... Eleanor did."
"So... That means Eleanor posted it, not him..."
"That's what he was trying to tell me, but I kicked him out." I frowned.
Niall took out his phone, probably calling Louis. "Lou, you have your phone back." He smiled. "Yeah, we figured it out. Harry feels horrible--"
I smacked him softly, taking Nialls phone and walking away. "Louis, I'm sorry for yelling at you... I didn't know she had your phone."
"It's okay, Haz. Can... Can I come back?"
As I walked around, I heard his voice. Opening the bus door, Louis looked up. "Come in." I smiled, hanging up. He walked in the bus, instantly wrapping his arms around me. I hugged back, tossing Nialls phone onto the couch.
"I'd never say anything like that, Hazza." I stayed quiet, knowing there's a chance Louis actually feels that way. "Harry... I would never, ever say that." He looked in my eyes, holding the contact.
"Okay." I laid my head on his shoulder, just holding him close.
"Haz, I'm telling the truth..."
"No, you're not."
He let go, looking up at me. "Harry Edward Styles, I would never hate Larry." I blankly stared at him. "Besides... I think Eleanor is cheating on me."
I frowned. "With who?"
He shrugged. "I'm not sure... But I broke up with her."
"Well, I will. I'll break up with her next time we go on a date."
I sighed, wrapping my arms around Louis, pulling him close. "I'm sorry, Lou."
He laid his head on my chest. "I really loved her..." He whispered, my heart breaking a bit. "But as they say, one door closes, another opens. " He looked up at me, smiling a bit.
"But I'm not gay or anything."
"Well aren't you wonderful." I sneered sarcastically, walking away.
"Harry, wait!" He called.
I walked out of the bus, only to hear a honking noise before everything went black.

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