Larry Stylinson


10. Chapter Ten - Epilogue Part 1/2

Fifteen years later, I'm 35 and Louis is 37. We sat at home, the band having taken a break for three reasons.

"Sophia, Jackson, come get dinner!" I called, smiling when the two ten year-olds ran over.

"Thanks daddy." They smiled, sitting at the counter to eat their Mac N' Cheese.

"Where's dad?" I asked, and they shrugged in response. "Lou, come get dinner!"

Louis walked in and smiled, holding baby Olivia. "Be quiet, Harry. She's sleeping."

I chuckled and made a plate of pasta for Louis, then making one for myself.

"Daddy, tell us how you two met." Sophia smiled, eyes sparkling.

"I've told you that story a thousand times, Soph." I chuckled.

"It's cute! Please?" She begged, pouting.

"You got that pout from your father, didn't you?" She nodded, giggling. "Okay, okay. It all started at X-Factor..."


"...then he decided to be a squirt and eavesdrop on my talking to Uncle Liam-- Oh! Uncle Liam and Uncle Niall are coming over later."

"What about Uncle Zayn?"

"Uncle Zayn and Aunt Perrie are traveling around the world for their honeymoon. We could call them later though." I smiled.

They nodded and Olivia woke up, crying. I made a bottle and gave it to Louis. He sat down and gently fed her, rocking slightly to calm her down.

"What's the rest of the story?" Jackson asked.

"The rest is--"

"History, we know. You always say that." Sophia frowned.

"Then you say to wait until we're older. I think 10 is fine." Jackson pouted.

"Louis, you need to stop showing them how to pout." He chuckled. "And kids, you should wait until you're older because there's just some things you won't understand." I sighed, the doorbell ringing.

"Then we'll just ask Uncle Liam." They ran to the door and I followed.

"Uncle Liam, tell us wht happened after dad eavesdropped."

Liam looked at me with a look of "should I?" I sighed and nodded. "Okay, you two. I'll tell you. But, if you have any questions, please ask." They nodded. "So your dad eavesdropped..."


"...and they've been happy ever since."

"Is that true, daddy?" Sophia looked at me and I nodded. "You and dad went through so much but you seem so close."

"That's the thing, honey. Even if so much happens, if you really love each other, it'll make you love each other more. You'll see when you grow up."

"I'll go through what you and dad went through?"

"Kind of. Not exactly. You'll have someone you like very much and you'll go through some challenges that'll test your relationship and if you two get through it together, you'll grow stronger and love each other more."


"You'll understand it more when you're older."

"Why does everything happen when we're older?"

"Because when you're older, you'll be smarter, and more things happen to you. You'll be at one of those challenges and you'll think 'Oh. That's what he was talking about' and you'll understand much more. Just promise me on thing."

"What is it, daddy?"

"Promise me you'll never hate me or dad. That goes for you too, Jack."

"We could never hate you." Jack smiled, the two of them hugging me. "And neither could Olivia."

"I hope she wouldn't. But remember this promise in high school. Kids will be mean because you have two dads. I want you to promise me something else. Talk to us if there are ever any problems."

"We promise." They smiled.

"Daddy? Kids already do that." Jack mentioned.

"Okay, well now you know to talk to me about it, alright?"

They nodded, hugging me tighter. "We love you daddy."

"I love you too."

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