Larry Stylinson


6. Chapter Six - Harrys POV

I walked through a dark hallway, feeling extremely hot. Walking into different rooms, I always came in contact with flames.
"Hello?" I called out.
"Hello, Harry." A sinister voice answered.
"Where am I?"
"Hell." A devilish laughter sounded from behind me. I quickly turned around. "I'm the devil. I hope your stay here is pure misery."
"You're the devil?"
"What, don't believe me?" He glared.
I smirked slightly. "You do deals, right?"
He nodded. "Why, you interested?"
"I am. I have a deal for you."
"Talk to me."

I told him the story about what happened. "And I want to live again."
"A deal has two sides. What's in it for me?"
"You choose."
"You have to stay away from your soulmate."
"I don't know who that is."
"Yes you do. You've been flirting with him."
"Lou--" Black smoke surrounded me and I soon opened my eyes, seeing blackness. Covering my mouth, I somehow got out from my grave. I walked around, a bit daze.
"H-Harry?" A small voice whimpered. I turned around and saw Louis. "Harry, it is you!" He wrapped his arms around me and I jumped away, remember my deal with the devil. "Harry?" He frowned.
"I'm sorry, Lou... I can't be near you."
"What? Why not?"
"I made a deal with the devil..."
"The devil? You made a deal with the devil?!"
"I wanted you to know I was okay..."
"What's the deal?" He seethed through his teeth.
"For me to be alive, I have to stay away from you."
"What happens in you don't stay away?"
"I don't know. He never mentioned that."
"You didn't ask him?!"
"Look, Louis. Don't be mad at me for thinking of you before myself. I wanted to show you I'm alive. I wanted to know you're okay."
"I'm not okay! I'm glad to see you, but I want to be able to hug you and talk to you!"
"What if the bad thing happens to you?! I don't want you hurt!"
"I'm already hurt!"
I sighed. Red smoke appeared, followed by the devil. "What are you doing here?"
"I can't stand you two arguing. It's so loud, I can't sleep. My part of the deal is off." He disappeared and I stared and Louis.
His arms instantly wrapped around me again. "I'm not letting go."
i walked into the bus, carrying Louis bridal style. One by one, they all looked up, eyes wide.
"Harry!" Eleanor screamed, hugging me, followed by the others.
"Okay, okay, let's not squish Louis." I chuckled and they backed off.
"We never believed Louis when he said he'd find a way to get you back."
I looked down at Louis and he looked away, a bright pink tint on his cheeks. I looked back at the guys. "He didn't do anything. I made a deal with the devil and--"
"If you'd let me finish..." I sighed. "The devil broke the deal, but still kept me alive."
"Oh." Eleanor blushed. "So now you're alive forever?"
"Well I don't know about forever but yeah."
They all smiled, hugging me close.

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