Larry Stylinson


7. Chapter Seven

I laid with Louis in his bunk, him curled into me, my hand in his hair.

"Hey Harry?" Louis looked up at me.

I softly smiled. "Hm?"

"We have a concert tonight... And everyone thinks you're dead. What will we do?"

"Play it out as it goes? I don't know."

"They'll ask questions."

"I know, Louis. We'll figure it out at the concert."

Louis sighed. "If you say so."


I stood backstage as the lads were trying to calm the audience.

"We have a surprise backstage." Louis spoke gently.

I swloly walked onstage, fans gasping, some fainting. "Get them some water." The guards nodded and went to find water bottles. "All those announcements on the news and other sites were hoaxes, started by Twitter. I'm very well alive, as you can see."

Everyone stared at me weirdly, but went along, the fans obviously confused.


As we sang and danced onstage, Niall and I tried Narry, watching Liam and Louis for their reactions. I smiled as Liam glared slightly at us. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, trying to pull me away from Niall. I looked over at Louis and he pouted, his head on my shoulder. Some fans screamed and I chuckled, letting go of Niall and holding onto Louis.Looking back at Niall, he smirked and winked. I rolled my eyes at him, sitting on the couch. Louis sat next to me, close enough that he was almost on my lap.

"Question time!" I smiled as the others sat around us.

"Harry, what changed between you and Louis?" Liam read out loud.

"Which time? There was when I stayed away from him, and now Louis can't let go of me." Louis lightly whacked me and I laughed. "From before, I can't say... Not yet anyways. For now, we talked and got over what happened before."

"Louis, how's Eleanor?" Louis read. "She's uh... good." He rubbed the back of his neck. "We actually broke up."

Gasps were heard from the audience, along with the lads.

"Why?" Zayn asked.

"She was cheating on me but also... I started liking someone else and she noticed, and she's okay with it. We will remain good friends though."


I walked backstage with the lads, them soon surrounding Louis and I.

"Is there something we don't know?"

I shrugged. "If you don't, then I don't."

A hand snaked its way into mine and I looked down at it, following the arm it was attatched to, slowly looking at Louis. He looked away, a soft pink tint on his cheeks. I chuckled, lightly squeezing his hand. I sighed, realizing we had an interview.


I sat on the couch with Louis, looking at the interviewer as the lads sat around us.

"Let's get right to what everyone wants to know." The interviewer smiled. "Louis, is it true you and Eleanor broke up?" Louis nodded, trying to sneakily snake his hand in mine, but failing. The interviewer looked at our hands then us. "Could Larry Stylinson be real?"

I looked at Louis and he looked at me, trying to figure out what the other was thinkng.

"What tie is that?" Niall asked, trying to change the subject, it obviously working as the interviewer got distracted.


Walking on the bus with the others, we sat in the living room trying to figure out what's happening.

"You guys need to straighten this out before we go out again."

"That's stupid." I frowned.


"Louis could be confused. Or scared. He just broke up with a girl."

"If you two go out holding hands again, it'll be bad either way."

"Niall, what do you think?" I asked, looking at Niall who was staring at Liam. "Niall!"

He jumped and looked at me. "WHat?"

"What do you think?"

"I think you should do what you want."

"Then this meeting is over." I got up and went to my bunk, soon followed by Louis. "We do need to figure this out though."

"I know, I'm sorry." He laid next to me. "Hey Harry?"


"Lets date."

I sat up and looked at him with wide eyes.

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