Larry Stylinson


1. Chapter One

I ran from one side of the stage to the other, singing the lyrics to "Best Song Ever". My favourite part is coming up. Louis' solo. 
"You know, I know, you know I'll remember you. I know, you know, I know you'll remember me..."
His voice is likes an angels... I walked over to Louis, patting him on the shoulder. "Good job." He smiled at me, our faces inches apart. Oh god... I spun away, walking to the complete opposite side of the stage. Eleanor... Have to remember Eleanor... 
"Mate, are you alright?" I looked to my left, seeing Liam.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I fake smiled.
Liam rolled his eyes, walking to the couch in the middle of the stage, sitting down. Everyone came around towards him, some of the guys sitting on the arms of the couch. Louis sat on one side of Liam, so I sat on the other side. Both Liam and Louis looked at me weirdly, but I just shrugged and ignored them.
Louis sighed. "How's the concert so far?" Everybody screamed, not making any sense with their incoherent answers. "That's lovely." Louis chuckled. "Send us your tweets and we'll answer them."
The area got quiet as the fans took out their phones, their fingers padding along their phones.
"Alright, the first on says, 'Harry, why are you being so distant?'"
4 pairs of eyes fell on me, along with the audience.
"Uh..." I bit my lip. "I'm not being distant. If I was being distant, I wouldn't be sitting with them."
Louis bit his lip. "Maybe she means... Why are you being distant with me?"
"What? I'm not being distant with you. I was just by you." 
"Then you went to the other side of the stage."
I shrugged. "I felt like going to that side. Next question!" I kept ignoring questions that had to do with Larry, or Eleanor. Before I knew it, the concert was over. I waved at the audience, walking off the stage. Liam walked over, looking at me weirdly.
"What?" I asked.
"You have ignored every Larry question."
"Well yeah. Louis has Eleanor."
Liam rolled his eyes. "We're the only people here. Tell me the truth."
"Fine. I like Louis more than I should."
"Like as in... boyfriend?"
I nodded, sighing. "But he has Eleanor, and I'm not going to ruin that."
Liam sighed. "You can talk to me about anything, alright?"
I nodded. "Whenever there's a problem, I'll tell you."
Liam hugged me and walked back to the bus. I turned around, my eyes going wide as I stared at Louis.
"L-Lou..." I said, shakily. Taking a few steps back, I turned around and dashed out of the building, into the bus and hiding in my bunk.
Liam sat next to me. "What happened?"
"We weren't alone."
"That can't be too bad unless it was... Oh no, it was Louis..."
I nodded, curling into a ball. "I'm not getting out of my bunk until the next concert."
Liam sighed. "Want me to bring you some food later, before Niall eats it all?"
"No thanks. I already ate." I lied.
Liam nodded. "Alright. I'll check on you later though." He got up, walking to the main part of the bus.
I laid on my side, curled in a ball, my back to everything.
"H-Harry?" Louis' voice called, nearby. I froze, making it seem like I was asleep. He sighed. "Well... I hope you find your soulmate... I know I found mine." My heart broke at those last few words.
"Louis, how could you say that?!" Liam yelled.
"I told him the truth!" Lou yelled back.
The two kept bickering until I sat up. "Everyone, shut the fuck up!" They quit yelling and stared at me. "Liam, I'm glad you care about me, but I can fight for myself sometimes. Louis, I'm glad Eleanor makes you happy. Now, both of you... Leave!" They jumped and went to the main part of the bus. I sighed, lying back on my side. The bed dipped down behind me and I groaned.
I turned over, looking at Niall. "Hm?"
"I know Liam said that you can talk to him, but if you ever need a hug..." He trailed off.
I sat up next to Niall, wrapping my arms around him tightly. "I really need a hug... Thank you."
Niall nodded, wrapping his arms around me. "Anytime you need a hug, my arms are always open."
"How'd you know I needed one?" I furrowed my eyebrows at him.
"Everyone could hear the fight..." Niall bit his lip.
"So Zayn knows... I-I don't want to tear this band apart, Niall..." I hugged him tighter, my head on his shoulder, silently crying. He rubbed my back gently, trying to calm me down. After what felt like hours, I slowly slipped into the darkness, falling asleep.

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