Larry Stylinson


5. Chapter Five - Eleanor's POV

I fluttered my eyes open, choking on what I assume is a tube.
"Miss, please try to relax." A nurse spoke as she slowly took out the tube. I took a deep breath as the nurse got me some water, then the doctor.
"Eleanor, we're going to do a few tests to make sure you're alright soon, okay? Is there anyone you want us to call?"
"Louis Tomlinson."
"Mr. Tomlinson?" He's in the next room visiting a friend."
"I know. Can you please bring him here?" The doctor nodded and brought him in.
"Eleanor? You're in here?" He sat down. "Why?"
"I'm the one that ran over Harry..."
"What?! Because of you, he may never live again?!"
"That part is his fault."
"His fault?!"
"You see..."

I explained to him about the dream world Harry and I were in. Looking at Louis, I saw tears in his eyes. "He sacrificed himself for you?"
"Actually, I think he did it for you."
"I think he figured you'd be happier if I was alive, also figuring that since he had no chance with you..."
"He sacrificed himself for my happiness... Wait, the sign, what did it say?"
"Only one makes it out and alive, but--"
He got up and dashed out of the room, I'm guessing to Harry's. Doctors ran past my room and I sat up. Oh no.

I stood in a black dress next to the four lads who were in suits, tears in their eyes. All around, you could hear cries of misery from Harrys friends and family. In front of us was a black casket, just long enough to fit Harrys body.
"He's dead, because of me..." Louis sniffled.
"Don't think of it that way, Lou..."
"Before you hit him... We were talking and I made him mad... Then he walked out and... you know the rest..."
"Louis, don't hate yourself... He doesn't hate you for it."
"Would anyone like to come up and say some words about Mr. Harry Styles?"
Louis nodded and went up.

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