Larry Stylinson


8. Chapter Eight

I stared at Louis, trying to process if he really just said that.

"Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Because at the beginning of this, you were completely straight and complaining about how we couldn't be close because I was gay and now you just basically asked me out."

"In the beginning... I wasn't being honest with myself. I had feelings for you but I pushed them away, because of Eleanor. Then I heard you talking to Liam. It made me think about those feelings but again, there was Eleanor..."

"You didn't want to be the bad guy in the relationship."

"Yeah. Plus, I think I was scared about what she'd do to you... But now you two are friends, so I don't have to worry as much."

"As much?"

"Well I'm always going to be scared that you'll be hurt."

"Think you'll be fine if we go public?"

"People already think we're dating. I think I'll be fine."

"That's true. But now they'll be crazier. They'll surround us more. It could get out of hand."

"We have guards."


Louis and I sat on the couch at a concert a few days later. "We have an announcement."

Everyone stared at Louis, some people already whispering. I peered over and read some lips, most people whispering about Larry.

"You guessed it." I spoke. "This ship has set sail, full speed ahead." The fans screamed loud and Louis kissed my cheek, the lads smiling, though Liam looked a bit uncertain. "I know a lot of you shipped Louis and Eleanor and I'm sorry the ship sank. But when liking a band, of course you can ship members, but isn't what matters if if they're happy?" An object came flying towards me and I ducked, turning around and looking at a shoe that landed on the stage floor. "Did someone throw a shoe at me?!" A mob broke out. People started throwing punches and yelling. "It's a joke." I sighed and people calmed down.


"It's a joke?!" Liam yelled.

"If I didn't say that, people could have died! Louis understands!"

"That doesn't matter! People will hate you!"

"I know. Louis understands, and the fans aren't getting hurt. We'll take it one step at a time."

"One step at a--" A loud smack sounded through the bus. I stared at Niall, his hand slightly red, Liams cheek redder.

"Did you just slap him?" I asked and he nodded. "Why?"

"He shouldn't be yelling at you. Yes, some fans will be mad you said it was a joke, but at least they're alive. That was serious what happened. Larry should take a break. Be as close as you want on the bus, but that's it. Only the bus or your flat. We'll figure this out but that means no fighting. We're supposed to be five best friends."

I nodded, sighing. "He's the one that was yelling though."

"Well not anymore. No fighting. We come up with a plan, as a band. As friends."

I nodded, going to my bunk and laying down, thinking everything over. It is too close to when Louis said he and Eleanor broke up. We should have given them some more time for that news, before dropping the Larry bomb.

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