The Imposible Wolf

When Clara remembers something from when she was in The Doctor's timeline all she can grasp are two words: Bad Wolf.
Is Rose coming back or is The Doctor in for a horrible surprise?
Find our in:
The Impossible Wolf.
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First chapter release date is set for: October 24, 2014.


3. TenToo


"John, could you help me with the door please?" Anna asked. He held it open for her and she gave him a kiss as she walked through the door.

"Thanks, baby."

John Smith, or TenToo as most know him had moved on from Rose and was helping his girlfriend, Anna, move in to his apartment.

He hadn't talked to Rose in almost 4 years. About a month into their marriage he decided that he actually wasn't anything like The Doctor, and his feelings for Rose were barely mutual. She was into the romantics while John just wanted to get down to business. Their chemistry was nothing like it was with The Doctor. A week later he filed for their divorce, which was over within 2 weeks.

Rose was devastated, she loved The Doctor but she knew John Smith was nothing like him. It was like comparing the nice guy to a little boy who burned ants with a magnifying glass for fun. 

The only thing that John didn't quite comprehend about the divorce was that Rose let him be. She was sad but she never called him in the middle of the night begging him to come back, or show up at his house with flowers, even though he knew she wanted to, and she didn't yell at him or tell him she hated him. She just wished him good luck and apologize for anything she did wrong. He was the one who told her to leave him alone, and he wanted to start over. Because Rose's dad was so famous, the whole story was reported in newspapers. Rose never heard the end of it. 

John loved to tell the press all the things he hated about Rose. He always said The Doctor had to fake liking her. Whenever Rose would deny it he would remind her that he had the same thoughts as The Doctor. He claimed he also had the same feeling. Rose responded by telling him that, even if The Doctor hated her, The Doctor would never treat anything so horribly. After an article about how Rose had some kind of screwdriver fetish and when they were married, gave John one for his birthday and for their anniversary, she moved away from her parents and out into the country. There, the closest person was at least 300 miles away and no reporter could find her.

That was 4 years ago, it had been 6 years since they had been dropped off in "Pete's World" by The Doctor. John hoped to never see him again, while Rose prayed about him everyday, three times a day.


That nigh Rose was more desperate than ever.

"Please Doctor," she sobbed "I still believe in you. I love you. I don't care if you don't have a head, I love you, not your bodies. Well," she laughed "unless you look like 10000 or something, but you know what I mean."

Then, as she always did, she whispered, "Bad Wolf."




(apologies for such a short chapter.)

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