The Imposible Wolf

When Clara remembers something from when she was in The Doctor's timeline all she can grasp are two words: Bad Wolf.
Is Rose coming back or is The Doctor in for a horrible surprise?
Find our in:
The Impossible Wolf.
©Fictionaltruths 2014


First chapter release date is set for: October 24, 2014.


1. Bad Wolf Dreams

Clara's eyes snapped open to the sound of the T.A.R.D.I.S. landing. She bolted upright, snatching her coat on the way out the door, swearing to tell The Doctor that he was going to wake up the entire apartment complex, not to mention ask him what the heck he was doing there. After all, it was practically the middle of the night.
As she ran down the stairs Clara tried to shake the haunting dream she had been having for weeks out of her head. She wasn't paying much attention when she crashed into The Doctor coming up the stairs.
"Doctor!" She laughed, rubbing where her arm had hit the wall. "I was just coming down to meet you. Cant you put that thing on sil..." she began then, noticing his stern face she trailed off. 
"Doctor? Is everything alright?" Now she was concerned, she had never seen him acting like this before.
 It scared her.
"It's nothing," he replied, after a few moments of awkward silence, "just a bad dream."
Clara sighed with relief.
 "Oh, me too."
She turned to inspect her elbow, to notice graffiti written on the wall next to her. 
"Darn teenagers!" She moaned, making sure there wasn't any paint on her coat, if it was still wet. When she was satisfied that there wasn't anything on her cloths but some cracker crumbs she crouched down beside the words.
She touched the paint and some blue came off onto her finger, staining it.
"It's fresh," she concluded, standing up and wiping it in The Doctor's jacket, laughing teasingly. They were always whipping things on each other. Oddly enough, the Doctor just stood there, staring at the wall.
"What? What is it?" Clara asked, feeling a pit in her stomach. She turned back to face the wall.
"What's so special about," she struggled to read it, she had only recently come across the realization that they were words. She always assumed it was some sort of pattern,  but she saw it to often to ever take the time to read it. After a few seconds she figured it out. " Whats so special about Bad Wolf? It's been written everywhere ever since a couple  weeks ago."
She turned to face The Doctor to discover he had left her talking to thin air. 
"Sure, don't answer my question, just run off!" She muttered to herself as she ran down the stairs after him. 
When she got down the stairs she was just in time to hear the T.A.R.D.I.S starting to take off.
"Oh no you don't!" She yelled, running to it. She whipped open the doors and jumped inside just before the T.A.R.D.I.S entered the time vortex.
"What are you doing here?" The Doctor asked, accusingly, " I never told you that you were invited along, this is a personal matter."
"You never answered my question," she replied, "now, where are we off to this time?"
"Clara Oswin Oswald, you are impossible!" He laughed.
"In deed I am," she smiled, taking off her coat, "now, where is the wardrobe room again?"

Clara started walking into the control room of the T.A.R.D.I.S when she heard a woman talking. She hid behind the wall in front of the door and listened, trying to figure out who else was aboard. She then realized that there wasn't a woman in the TA.R.D.I.S, but a recording of one. Her voice and sentences where all playing at the same time but she could pick out a few.
'Is it alien? Are you alien? Can I just say, traveling with you? I love it. Doctor! What happened to her?! Take me back!' And the one that kept repeating, 'Bad Wolf'' 
The two words that were everywhere.
The only thing Clara heard The Doctor say was 'I love you' then him crying. The crying was both current and in the recording.

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