Best Friends With 5SOS.


1. Chapter 1

Kyra's POV:

"Luuuukkkeeee" I wined "What???" He asked I said I want food!! Then get it your self! Luke said. But I didn't want to so I just held my breathe untill he got me my food.

Luke POV:

I always tricked Kyra because I kinda like her we were friends since we were 3 years old so we knew a lot about each other. She started holding her breathe so that I felt bad and go get her some food but I didn't fall for that this time.

Kyra's POV:

I knew that Luke won't get me food so I asked Ashton and he said yes. I secretly have a crush on Ashton but I only knew him for 1 year cause I started middle school and luke was friends with him and calum and Michael.

Ashton's POV:

I knew Kyra liked me because I was going to her room and I heard her talking to her best friend Andrea and she said yeah I still like Ashton so that's I figured it out. But I've been getting feelings for her too. But all the dudes have crushes on her though.


So I got Kyra some Taco Bell because I knew she loves Taco Bell! When I got back to her house Andrea was with her and I knew that calum liked Andrea so I knew calum would be happy to hear me say that Andrea was here!

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