Twin Potters?

What if there was another child born at the same time as Harry Potter? His twin. His twin SISTER. But what if they were separated at birth? Aurora Potter is what is written on her birth certificate, but she doesn't live in the wizarding world. What if she lives with muggles, just like Harry? What if they became reunited and they didn't even know?


1. Prologue

"I am please to inform you, Mrs. Potter, that is will not be a single child, but twins!"

"Oh! How delightful! James, did you hear that?! Twins!"

"Oh my, dear that is wonderful! Oh my goodness. Wow."

"Dr. Blaine, but how is this possible? At such short notice, and I'm already 15 weeks in."

"Lily, I honestly don't know. It must be a miracle..." Dr. Blaine said while cleaning the check up surface. "Well, that does conclude our meeting today, I will see you in exactly one week. Am I correct?"

"Uh, yes. Exactly one week. Thank you so much Helen, I really do appreciate everything you are doing to help us."

"Of course, James! Anything for you two, it is always a pleasure, and now that we know its twins..."

"Lily, dear, are you ready?" James turned his head towards Lily, who seemed almost scared, but had a fake smile on. James knew that look. He would discuss this issue when they reached home, but not here, not in front of Helen. 

"Yes, honey. Can you just help me up. Oh no wonder my bumped seemed so big for only 15 weeks and only one child. Its not one child!" Lily laughed, but choked. She now wasn't hiding the fact that she was scared. She looked like she was about to cry.

"Lily, honestly, don't worry. Its all going to be fine. Twins are great, and I heard, psychologically makes each sibling happier in the womb. I'll see you next week. K?" Lily nods her head, already looking refreshed from such a reassuring quote. "Great." Dr. Blaine walks them out the door without even the slightest idea that just a few second ago, James and Lily were worried sick. Twins were not part of the deal. At least they new they didn't want it to be. They had feared this. If they had twins everything would just go downhill from there. Dr Blaine, meanwhile walked back the the main desk and shared the seemingly, delightful news to the rest of the staff. 





If this in any way makes you want to read more please, please, please comment. I have been wanting to writing this story for so long. Please tell me if you feel there is too little or too much of something. 


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