Twin Potters?

What if there was another child born at the same time as Harry Potter? His twin. His twin SISTER. But what if they were separated at birth? Aurora Potter is what is written on her birth certificate, but she doesn't live in the wizarding world. What if she lives with muggles, just like Harry? What if they became reunited and they didn't even know?


2. Letters for Help

"James!" Lily hissed, even though she was in the kitchen of her own home. "What are we gonna do?!" She began to cry. "You know the deal. We can only have one child..." She gasped between sobs. "How will... what will happen... to the baby... which baby... will have to go...?"

James stated to cry too. He pulled her in close for a hug. So gently, he whispered in her ear, "It's ok. It's gonna be ok. I will send word to Dumbledore immediately.  He will know what to do, surly he will..." 

"James, we must give one child up for adoption," Lily cried, burning hot tears streaming down her face. "We aren't allowed to take care of more than one child! You know what will happen... the death-eaters... they will come... they will kidnap all the children after the first born and turn them into his slaves..."


Dumbledore re-read the letter about a dozen times. He had to think fast, very, very fast. If the Potters were going to have twins, then one of them, if not both will be kidnapped. Lily was right about having to send one of them away, but not to an orphanage. It must be to a long distance relative, so remotely, far away on the family tree that no one would ever suspect the twins to be related. Dumbledore pondered about who he knew, and who would be willing to take care of a child that they did not bear. Dumbledore stayed up for three nights straight, owling for help, but nothing good came back in any of the few replies he got back. After those long three nights, Lily and James came to see him. All three looked sullen and sad, even though they should have been celebrating.  They talked and cried, and hoped for a positive reply, but none came. 

Finally, after two tedious weeks of waiting, James had the idea of visiting one family in particular. A muggle family that, without extensive research, would not have been discovered to be related the James' side of the family. James' relatives, the Howard's would be their last hope of finding hope for their child. James kept this a secret however, until Lily was 33 weeks into pregnancy, meaning, she only had four more weeks left until she was due to bring both children to this dangerous world. James devised a plan. With the help of Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall, they planned to spy, and learn about this family. Their habits and their personalities. Fortunately, Minerva was the best animagus. Her well detailed and absolutely convincing cat form, spied on the Howards. James and Albus practiced ways of encountering and breaking the news to the family. Finally, the week that Lily was due, James went to the Howard home in the country-side in England with Albus the pass on the news, without all the wizard stuff, of course. The Howard family members acted as any other family would act. Shocked that the family was giving away their child, and that the child was distantly related to them. The Howard's  were speechless at first. Mr. and Mrs. Howard knew what is was like to raise children, for their children were much older, already forming families of their own. James and Albus only asked for them to think about the possibility of taking care of the child. James had only told the minimal amount of information. He did not mention of the child would be a boy or girl, or that Lily was even having twins. He only asked about a child in general. Neither James, nor Albus even knew which child would have to stay with the Howard's, and that child's life and the entire Potter family's life depended on this couple to take care of the child. 

James and Albus left the country with relatively high spirits. The Howard's said they would think about it, but they could not make a definite yes, incase anything might happen between now and the birth of the child.




Sooo...? What do you think? Is it an ok start? I really love getting feedback, it keeps me motivated! Please, please, please comment anything both motivational and constructive.


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