Ethendria's Return to Mirkwood

Ethendria is my OC (own character) for Thranduil's wife, or if you prefer.. his ex-wife. This story is about her returning to Mirkwood to reunite with Thranduil and their young prince Legolas, after being away for so long. She doesn't yet know how well her return will go, or if she would be welcomed to Mirkwood.


1. Leaving the Blue Mountains - The journey begins

It had been thousands of years since Ethendria left her once-was husband Thranduil, along with her young Elven son Legolas in Mirkwood. Sometimes she even contemplated why she even left. The place where she always felt safe and secure. Out of reach from danger or harm’s way. The place where one could love her for all eternity. Oh, how Ethendria wished to have never left Mirkwood, to see her one and only son grow through his long, youthful years. But as much as she wished she could have stayed, she could not. For as the time flew by, day after day, year after year, Ethendria felt she could not be of help. She knew she was Legolas’ mother and knew it was not just Thranduil’s duty to raise their Elven child, but hers also. But Ethendria had not been convinced. At the time, she believed that if she left, Thranduil and Legolas would be better off with only each other. Ethendria was standing out on the balcony of a palace far away from Mirkwood. Her light blue robe-like dress blew softly in the light wind. Her long, blonde hair felt a gentle breeze wisp past every strand. Her blue eyes sparkled in the first light of the sunrise. She had her pale-like hands gently rested upon the balcony’s waist-high wall and had no uncomfortable shoes on her feet. Ethendria was also standing up elegantly straight and closed her eyes for a moment, before releasing a sigh. The once-was Queen of Mirkwood then opened her eyes and entered her bed chambers. Her belongings lay spread out across her Queen-sized bed. She was planning to pack, as she finally decided she would return to Mirkwood. She was finally going to journey back. Ethendria was up at first light for that reason only. Once she had gathered all her belongings, she had packed them in a small chest, which was given to her by one of her servants, whom she brought with her when she ran away from Mirkwood. Not too long afterwards, her chest of belongings had been placed in a carriage. The horseman who owned the carriage said he could only take her as far as Lorien and then she would have to find another way of travelling. Hours flew by ever-so slowly. To Ethendria, the journey back has been a slow venture. Ethendria managed to read a book she had kept away from her other belongings, over and over again. She was a fast reader and her book soon became a bore to her liking. At last, the horseman had come to a halt outside the way into Lorien. Once Ethendria and her servant had gotten to their feet and her servant got the chest, she gave a nod as she thanked the man and paid him some gold for his service. She also gave him her book, as a gift of kindness. Ethendria stood outside the forest of Lorien, examining the way in. “At last! We are getting close, Ellysia. Do not speak, until I advise it is safe to, understood?” She said to her servant, looking at her with firmness. Her servant nodded. Ellysia was never too good at keeping quiet. Especially one time when Ethendria tried to speak with the owner of the castle in the Blue Mountains. She felt quite embarrassed in those first hundred years. Ethendria began to walk through the forest, followed by Ellysia. The forest of Lorien was not one for darkness and despair. It was usually full of lightness. The both of them had soon came across an old acquaintance of Ethendria and she had convinced him to lend them each both a horse. Again, she gave her thanks, but gold was not needed to be given.
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