Through the Woods

Lucia finds herself in the woods. Alone. She only remembered her first name. She must survive.


2. Chapter 2

They both woke to the sound of the trees swaying in the crisp wind. Lucia was chilled to the bone because her blanket had fallen off during the night. Lee however was all snuggled up in his blanket. Lucia stood up and looked up. The sun was rising steadily across the horizon and the morning stars were twinkling in the subtle light of dawn. 

Lee saw Lucia staring at the sky, with a blank expression. Lucia saw him with the corner of her eye and immediately brought her head down, embarrassed. Lee grumbled and fell asleep again. Lucia headed to gather leaves and food. She found some leftover deer meat and made a snare with rope she found hidden under a tree, hoping to catch an animal. When Lucia finished her breakfast, Lee woke up. He looked around and stared blearily at Lucia. Lucia thought he looked good, with tangled mess of blond hair and blue eyes, that you could stare in all day. She thought she had a crush in him. A Lima bean small crush. But Lee wouldn't budge or talk to her. Lucia sighed and looked up again. Now it was a regular thing for her, looking up. Looking up, for some reason, gave her hope. This time she saw thick storm clouds rolling in. It was going ti rain. She quickly ran to tell Lee and started to prepare a shelter. She took some branches and weaved them together to create walls and used thick vines and leaves for the roof. 

Lee did absolutely nothing. He spent most of the days glaring at Lucia or glaring as if Lucia was the reason he was in this cage. 

After Lucia was done with the shelter, she went inside to test. She covered all the tiny leaks with leaves and branches. Pretty soon she was done. Lee came over, sat down, and put his face in his knees. Lucia did the same and they both spent the gloomy afternoon with silence


The sun peeked behind the clouds and gave warm rays. The clouds started to drift away. Lucia started to crawl out but Lee grabbed her sleeve. He whispered in her ear Thank You.  She was startled by his remark. He suddenly started acting embarrassed and didn't make eye contact with Lucia. Lucia just shrugged it off and started to gather food for lunch. She got a couple of leaves and checked on her snare. It had caught a rabbit. She skinned a rabbit with a sharp rock and put it over the fire. It roasted quickly and she tore it into pieces to save resources. Lucia gave part of it to Lee. Over dinner she was still wondering about the surprising remark Lee had made earlier. She looked over at Lee but he was busy finishing his dinner. Lucia finished her own dinner and started to prepare for bed. Lee finished his dinner and started helping as well. He set his own bed when Lucia had to for the past couple days. 

When they went to sleep they heard a noise. A noise of a little girl whimpering. She quickly quickly stood up and ran towards the sound. It was a little girl of about five and she was whimpering under a tree. When she saw Lucia she ran towards her and gave her a hug. "Where is my mommy. I want my mommy!" She said between sobs. Lucia in return hugged her tight and told her "I don't know where your mom is but you will see her very soon. I promise." Her voice seemed unconvincing to her because first she did not know where her own mother was. Thinking of the girl she had a heart aching desire to see her mom and give her the biggest hug she could imagine. 

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