Through the Woods

Lucia finds herself in the woods. Alone. She only remembered her first name. She must survive.


1. Chapter 1

She could feel the box above her. And the noises behind her. Her skin was crawling with goosebumps. Her memory was wiped. She only remembered her first name: Lucia. She couldn't remembered her past. Her family. She strained her mind to remember something, but no use. She felt her body go slack from all the blisters and her hunched up position. Her back had a cramp in it and it kept making cracking noises. Lucia was in a van heading somewhere.

Suddenly the van stopped with screeching brakes making the box jolt forward. Lucia slammed her head on the side of the box making her have to move her blistered hand to hold her head. She heard someone open the back of the van and heave her box out. The man walked with heavy footsteps leading onto a gravel pathway. After a while they set the box down and walked away. Lucia heard the car start ad zoom away leaving her alone. 

Lucia slowly opened her eyes and slowly raised herself so the box could fall. She winced as the blisters on her back cracked. The box finally fell of and Lucia squinted from daylight. She had been in the dark for god knows how long. She looked around. Trees were surrounding. She stood up on her legs and fell down again. Her legs were wobbly and clumsy. The group of trees were so dense she couldn't see the exit. Or was there and exit? Lucia panicked and trembled with fear. Where was she and what was she doing here? The ground beneath her feet was dirt and stone. She was clearly in some type of woods. 

She wanted to get out of here so she ran towards a clump of trees. She pushed away the trees but more seemed to be appearing. Until she hit a wall. Lucia bounced back and tumbled in the dirt. She was inside a box. A bigger box. Made of rock and cement. She couldn't get out. What was left of her she thought. Lucia gazed off in the distance and saw only dirt and rock. The barren land stretched for miles and miles. At the other end, she was sure, was another wall. Lucia looked around for any source of food or water. She did hear a small creek running somewhere. She followed the sound and it lead her to a dead end. They created the sound to trick her. Now what? Lucia had an idea. She tore the leaf of tree beside her and popped it in her mouth. Chewing it slowly she felt something wet. Water! She was relieved. Now for the problem of food. Lucia searched around for animals and found her prize, a deer. She found some dry wood, made a fire, and roasted the deer upon it. Okay so there were animals and water. That was taken care of. 

After her miserable dinner that was spent sulking her situation. Gathering some leaves for a bed helped her take her mind off of her miserable life. The night was chilly and dark. Lucia kept the fire on because she did not have a blanket. She pondered for a long time on her previous life. 

Tossing and turning she fell asleep.


In the morning she woke to a cry of help. Lucia jumped up and ran towards the sound. She pushed back trees and bumped into a crying boy. He looked to be about 14.

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay!" , Lucia asked concerned. 

"No! No! Where am I" , he said between hard sobs. 

"I don't know", she replied. 

The boy sat down and hugged his knees to his chest. He sat there trembling with tears. Lucia sat down next to him and put her hand on his shoulder. 

"What's your name?", she asked. 

"Lee", he replied slowly. 

Lucia stood up and looked up at the sky. It was baby blue with a wisp of clouds here and there. She looked at Lee again and sighed. 

"Want me to show you around?" , she asked. Lee nodded and slowly stood up.Lucia lead him to her small camp and gave him a piece of deer from last night. He chewed, swallowed, and grabbed some more. Lucia caught his arm and said, "Nu-u-uh. Leave some for tonight because I don't want to go hunting again." 

Lee dropped the meat and sulked ahead. Lucia ran to catch up with him and shook his shoulders lightly. "You can't keep sulking like this!"

Lee just stared at her blankly. This was going to be a long day. Lucia left Lee standing and went to gather leaves for water. She gave one to Lee and sat down on a broke stump of a tree. She pondered on what to do with Lee. He was being stubborn. Lucia finished her leaf and started to make a fire. Lee came over and sat down silently, not uttering a single word. Lucia split the meat and half and gave Lee the bigger half. He nodded thanks and dug into his piece. He had stopped crying. Lucia finished up her diner and stared at the fire waiting for Lee to finish up. Lee wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his shirt and stared at the fire too. A moment of awkward silence passed before Lucia started "So..." 

Lee just stared at her not responding to anything she said. She began to set her leaves to make a bed, but she saw something under a rock that looked like it had been hastily put there. She pulled it out from under and looked at it. It looked like a big piece of cloth. An idea came to her. She used a sharp rock to cut it in half. She used one half as a sheet, putting it on top of the leaves, and she used the other half for a blanket. She settled in and saw Lee shivering next to her. She cut the blanket in half again and gave part of it to Lee. 


They both fell asleep to the mesmerizing crackle of the fire. 



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