The mess you left behind

In eleventh grade Lacey's mother died. This took a toll on her heart. The pain was yet to end . Her friends that same year abandoned her . To make it worse it was when she needed them the most. Then who she thought was her saver just ended up ripping the last piece of her heart away. Now a senior Lacey still is dealing with the affects of her heart ache .
Ash a new student takes an interest in Lacey even after all the rumors and the obstacle of her not talking . Could he be the one to fix her heart or will Adam get in the way because he wants to get back together with her !!


13. The weekend goes by too quick

           Lacey's P.O.V

                              I woke up to a blinding light in my eyes. I groaned as the light penetrated through my blinds. I looked at the clock and saw it was only 8 am on a weekend. I decided to get up and go downstairs. Still zombie like , I walked downstairs into the kitchen. I got out a bowl of cereal and made my way to the chair. I sat down and turned on the T.V and then remembered something. Caden was on the couch last night and wasn't there. I around the room and saw no signs of him, until I heard a someone grunt from the hallway beside the stairs. I turned my head to see a grumpy Caden come my way.

             He sat on the couch and said "When did you get home last nigh."  I held up ten fingers and the put a one up for 11. He nodded his head and said " Please try and be home around 10 for my sake. Dad's trip is being pushed back for awhile still and He said he doesn't know when he will be back now, but he said he misses you and don't forget your appoint to see Doctor, Johnson." I groan and went on my knees and put my hands like I was praying and made a puppy dog face at him, just to get out of going." He rolled his eyes and said " You are not skipping you have to go on Monday after school like the usual once a month schedule." I went back silently watching some "Courage the Cowardly Dog."  I then heard him say " Don't be mad I just want you to get better." He then got up left.

                                 The reason why I don't want to go is because I don't need a therapist.  It's not like I'm going to talk and beside she just ask me yes or no questions and i nod ,shake my head , or not answer. I don't see how it will help me anyways. I been perfectly fine, and that is that. I don't need help. I rinsed out my bowl in the sink and then got dressed into some clothes and headed to my favorite place in the whole world.

                     I entered the library and was already  in a better place.  Along with my passion for writing , I love to read. I been coming to the library almost anytime I need a break from the really world. It sad , but true. I fine a little cozy corner with a chair and grabbed a few books and started to read. Hours ticked by and before I knew it, it was already 5:00. I put the books away and made my way out when I got a text I opened it and it was from Adam. 

                             Adam: Turn around." I turned around facing the doors of the Library and saw him standing there." I rolled my eyes and turned around and started to walk away. "Lacey, wait up. I'm sorry for what happened the other day. I got mad when I shouldn't be. IT's all my fault I lost you and I shouldn't get mad that your moving on. " I looked at him and did something That was the best way I could express my anger by giving him a special finger. His mouth drop and said " Wow, I guess your mad" I just ignored him and walked away.

                         ..........The weekend came and went. Nothing more than texting Ash and finishing up homework. When Monday came I couldn't focus on school or anything. I didn't sit with Ash today because I was too mad about my appointment today. At the end of the day when I was leaving the school Ash caught up to me and said " Why weren't you at lunch?" I then sighed and said " I got a lot on my mind today and I just couldn't. " He nodded his head and said " Want to hang out?" I shook my head and said " I got a a.....Therapist appointment today." He lifted and eyebrow and said " Is that what was on your mind?" I shook my head yes and said " My dad and brother are making me go there since I won't talk and I just don't like it and don't want to be there." He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and said "What if I went there with you?" I then said " I couldn't ask you to do that." He smiled and said " You didn't ask , I insisted and I will go with you." I smiled and said " Thanks ..This means a lot ."


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