The mess you left behind

In eleventh grade Lacey's mother died. This took a toll on her heart. The pain was yet to end . Her friends that same year abandoned her . To make it worse it was when she needed them the most. Then who she thought was her saver just ended up ripping the last piece of her heart away. Now a senior Lacey still is dealing with the affects of her heart ache .
Ash a new student takes an interest in Lacey even after all the rumors and the obstacle of her not talking . Could he be the one to fix her heart or will Adam get in the way because he wants to get back together with her !!


11. The next day part two

          Lacey's P.O.V

                             After processing what just happened I exited the closet. I finish my route to my locker and quickly got to my class before the finial bell ringed. The class was long and boring only because I had too much on my mind. Too much that Adam brought up stirring inside of me. I want to scream out and tell him why I won't take him back, why I gave Ash a chance, and prove to him that Ash isn't using me now. 

                         As soon as the last bell went off I ran out of the class faster than anyone else just to get out school. I grabbed my stuff from my locker and took off on my walk home. Before getting past the school parking lot I heard a familiar deep voice calling out my name. I stopped and turned behind me and saw Ash trying to catch up with me. He then said " Whats wrong you usual don't take off like that." I sigh and looked around to make sure no ones attention is on me and said " Adam Tried talking to me and said you were just using and a bunch of other stuff." His face had glimpses of rage, but calmed down and he said " First off I would never use you. I care about you too much. and secondly don't listen to a word he says he is just trying to manipulate you." I shook my head and knowing I still needed someone to calm me down still he came me a hug embracing me. I hugged back and took in the hug and the way it felt. I could smell his after shave slightly. 

                                Soon enough the hug ended and he said " Want to go to my place today ?" I smiled and said " Sure!" I said. He then intertwined his hand and mine and said " I hope you don't mind walking , it isn't too far. My other brother is using my car today." I then said " I don't mind at all." We swung our arms back and forth and back and forth. He told me some jokes making me giggle and soon enough we were there. He lead me inside and said "What do you want to do today!" I said " How about we play a game." He shook his head yes and said " What game though."

                                       about 20 minutes later we were in a middle of a game of just dance 4. We were in a partner one and were dancing together. Instead of romantic it was more on laughs and giggles. He went to go twirl me and We ended up on the floor , him on top  of me. I giggled and said " Don't think this was apart of the move." He swiftly says " No, but is is apart of my move." He then closed the gap between our heads and started to kiss me. At the same moment the door open. " WAY TO GO ASH!" We heard someone yell towards us. Immediately Ash got off and said " Really Chase!" Chase came towards us and  says " I'm just congratulating  my brother on getting such a wonderful girl " Than winked at Ash. Ash face palmed and than said " Lacey this idiot is some how my older brother Chase. Idiot this is Lacey." I waved at Chase and he said " Well, hello Lacey! If he here isn't treating right just call me up." Ash rolled his eyes and said " You may leave Chase." Chase stood still and looked a little stronger than Ash, which he probably is since he is older and said " I was just getting to know this fine lady. Beside this isn't how you act with guest." I slightly giggled , but was careful not to giggle were they could here it since I don't talk.

                                   Chase got over Ash's grip and walked over to me and said " How about  WE get to know each other." I than looked behind him and at Ash who in returned laughed and said " Good luck with that." Chase turned around and said " What is that suppose to mean?" Ash came by my side and said "She doesn't talk." Chase than rubbed his chin and said " I can work with that...Anyone up for a game of charades?" I started to shake my head yes and Than Ash said " Fine!" Ash and Chase sat on the couch while I stood up. I point out three words and than pointed to my eye. Chase than shouted out " I"  put a finger on my nose and made a heart with my fingers . ". Love , I love..." Chase said again. I than pretended to write and than Ash answered and said " I love writing." I put a finger to my nose and he said " MY turn."                      

                                Until Ash & Chase's other brother Dan came home we were playing charades.  I was than about to go home when Chase came up to me and said " Please Please Please stay with us for dinner....Pretty please with cherry's on top." I rolled my eyes and shook my head yes that I would stay................

                                               At their dinner table another boy showed up and was introduced at the yet again another brother and his name is Drew.  I sat between Ash and Chase and Dan and Drew were on the other side. Drew brought home a pizza and they all started digging in. Ash took notice and said " Guys let her get something too." They stopped and let me grab my slice. I grabbed and nodded my sincerely. Chase decided to start a conversation that I could just listen too though. " Lacey, want to hear some stories about Ash when he was little." Ash than with a squeaky voice said " Nope, no one does." I then nodded letting Chase proceeded. He told me about how he would run around the house in his batman underwear and how he went through a punk rocker stage . I was barely able to contain my laughter.

                      Drew and Dan got in on the stories. Eventually I pointed to the Clock at For Ash and he announced to every one " Sorry, but Lacey must go." Chase then got up and hugged me goodbye. Drew and Dan just said goodbye. When we got into the car that his brother returned I said " So batman underwear?" His faced blushed and said " He was a cool guy." I giggled while rolling my eyes and said " Sure he was." He then said " That is it you are never allowed to come over my house while anybody is home." I then said " But why Everyone was getting to love me." He started the engine then said while taking off " Not as long as they tell you about what was on my underwear." I then said sarcastically " Well, batman underwear was rocking back then." He in returned rolled his eyes.

                  We arrived at my house and I said " I had a wonderful time tonight." He sweetly said " So did I." I then pecked his cheek and said " Goodnight." I open the car door and got out. Before I went anywhere Ash said " Hold on," I stopped and he continue ," I want to make us  official, so will you go on a date with me on Friday night?" I smiled and said " Couldn't think of a better thing to do." His smile was now glowing with excitement and he said " I won't disappoint." As he pulled out I said "Goodnight." one last time.

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