The mess you left behind

In eleventh grade Lacey's mother died. This took a toll on her heart. The pain was yet to end . Her friends that same year abandoned her . To make it worse it was when she needed them the most. Then who she thought was her saver just ended up ripping the last piece of her heart away. Now a senior Lacey still is dealing with the affects of her heart ache .
Ash a new student takes an interest in Lacey even after all the rumors and the obstacle of her not talking . Could he be the one to fix her heart or will Adam get in the way because he wants to get back together with her !!


3. Problems stirring part two

       Lacey's P.O.V

                                    It's the first time he has texted me since what happen. MY hearts pounding and racing . Rage and angry race through me as tears come out of my eyes. He thinks he can just text things saying "Is it too late to say I miss you." I got up from my bed overrun by angry and started to knock things over. What he did wasn't okay it wasn't. He just left me.. Left me there all alone to walk home my self.....

                      (flashback) I was walking through the crowds of people at the party he brought me two. It was about two hours away. Lost Adam in the mob of people and i was searching for him. I looked around and couldn't fine him anywhere. I decided to go and check his car. He general went there to get air when we went to parties. I walked to his car I was just about there with his friends. I finial heard them say "Let's ditch this place!" Adam spoke up and said " I can't I brought Lacey here." One of his friends laughed and said " Forget her man. There are better things than that thing.She probably wouldn't even notice." At first I didn't mind him saying that I thought he would stand up for me....instead he said " You're right. Let's ditch here and get us some real ladies." MY eyes were balling then as i watch him and his friends go in his car and left. He left me there to walk alone home. Then the next few days at school he wouldn't even talk to me in front of his friends he waited until we were alone and I just couldn't believe it so I just left.     (End of flashback)

                                           As i knock things over someone came rushing into my room. I felt arms wrapped around me calming me. I looked to see my brother. I just stood there and cried into his shoulder as he whispered " Just forget's over now...." I eventually fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I was still in an emotional mood. I got dress in some black leggings with a blue plaid skirt. I had on a black tank top covered with a jacket. I put on my boots added my mascara and eyeliner and hit the road to school . I got to my locker and grabbed my first hour books I reached the class and sat down. It was some type of science....That is why yesterday Ash was sat next to me. I was nervous I was already emotional unstable because of the text I just didn't want to breakdown in class today. The class filled up and Ash took his spot next to me. He said his annual hi and I just did a small wave. 

                                 The teacher started to talk so i didn't have to keep up my ignoring with ash. She started to talk about genes and stuff. I zoned out until I heard " project" I looked up and she said " This year I want you and your partner to think about one thing you would change in the world and why. Now I don't want stuff like " If i could change something in the world I would make my self prettier" blah blah blah. I want you guys to actually pick a problem and tell us how you would solve it. Then I want you to show us a picture or a drawing of it. This may not seem all science but it will prove to be afterwards ."        

                  I looked at Ash and he said " You know you will have to talk for this." I nodded my head then wrote on a paper. " That is why we are doing to in private. Here is my number 729 -4653-375." He wrote it down in his phone and said " I guess I will be calling you." I shook my head yes just as the bell ringed. I went to my locker. I open the door and got my books I closed it in time to see the note that fell out of my books. I opened it and it read " Can we please talk. I really miss you. I Just want you to be mine again. -Adam xoxox" I crumbled the paper and threw it somewhere behind me. I then felt like it was hard to breathe. I looked around to see the hallways empty. I looked at the doors, no one was in site so I bolted out. I couldn't stand it anymore.I got out trying to catch my breath when I heard a person say " What are you doing." I looked to see Ash standing with his back against the building. " I shrugged and he said " You wanted to leave didn't you." I shook my head yes and he said "I know a good cafe we can go to." I hesitated in answering then shook my head yes.

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