The mess you left behind

In eleventh grade Lacey's mother died. This took a toll on her heart. The pain was yet to end . Her friends that same year abandoned her . To make it worse it was when she needed them the most. Then who she thought was her saver just ended up ripping the last piece of her heart away. Now a senior Lacey still is dealing with the affects of her heart ache .
Ash a new student takes an interest in Lacey even after all the rumors and the obstacle of her not talking . Could he be the one to fix her heart or will Adam get in the way because he wants to get back together with her !!


23. Hospitable part 2

           Ashton's P.O.V 

                                When I got home I was so jittery. I just had to see her. I know I need my sleep and food and all that, It is just I need to see her.   After around 11 am  I couldn't wait any longer . I went to her room door and knocked. When I entered I saw Lacey in the bed and it devastated me. She looked better, but in a way seeing her there made things worse. Caden sat up from the chair he fell a sleep in and said " Hey , I see your back." i smiled and said " I am. I couldn't wait to see her. " He got up and said " You let me had my time, why don't I go grab some food. I'll see you later." I smiled and said " Thanks."
                 I pulled a chair on her bed and then grabbed the available hand and said " I don't know if you can hear me, but Lacey I'm sorry for not listening to you. I should have and I feel like this is my fault . If I were there to help you especially in the rough time maybe we wouldn't be here . Just don't do this ever ever again. I sorry and only can hope you'll forgive me. " I stopped talking as I saw her eyes fluttered a little.  I stared weirdly since she is suppose to be out for two days.  I then looked at  her chart at the bottom of the bed and saw there was a change of plans. She is just staying here for two days instead. Slowly her eyes begin to open. 

                                        I had a smile on my face as her eyes slowly adjusted and locked on me. Shock was written on her face as she saw me and her environment.  . She looked down and saw her wrist and then looked back up at me. She then said " i thought, I thought  you you left me?"  I then said " I'm back and am not going anywhere ." Her hand tighten a little on mine in fear I would go and she said " I thought  you broke up with me because you saw Adam kiss me?" She was on the  verge of tears , but I said," I saw my mistake and see it was him not you. I am hoping you can forgive me as I forgave you."

                   She smiled and replied, "  Just don't ever let go again. I need you ." She was crying now. Then I said ," I wouldn't dream of it Princess . Not even in my wildest dreams." I lifted her hand and gave it a kiss and she smiled and said " I thought I died . I I used as rock and cut my wrist and the last thing I remember was blacking out. How did I get here?" I Then frowned at the thought of her cutting and said " I realized where you were from what you said to me on one of the trips up to that tree house. You said whenever your scared or need a break you would go there. So I got in my car and raced there. I found you laying in the snow with blood around you. The doctor said if it were for the freezing temperatures you would have bleed to death and if I didn't find you when I did, you would have froze to death. " She then whispered " Thanks"  She scouted over and patted a spot on her bed. I climbed on and wrapped my arm around her. I kissed her forehead and then grabbed the remote on the T.V. " How about a movie," I said . She nodded her head yes.

                                    Soon we both fell asleep peacefully next to each other and I knew then and there that this is were I am meant to be no matter what. Eventually I was shaken awake and a tall dark figure. Once my vision cleared I saw it was my brother Ben with Caden. Ben smiled and looked at Caden and said " I see what you mean." I then said " What do you need." HE then said " Although you would like to miss school you have to go tomorrow. I know she won't but you need to." I looked at her sleeping self and kissed her head and said " I know I know. Caden tell her I'll be back tomorrow." He nodded and said " Goodbye."

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