The mess you left behind

In eleventh grade Lacey's mother died. This took a toll on her heart. The pain was yet to end . Her friends that same year abandoned her . To make it worse it was when she needed them the most. Then who she thought was her saver just ended up ripping the last piece of her heart away. Now a senior Lacey still is dealing with the affects of her heart ache .
Ash a new student takes an interest in Lacey even after all the rumors and the obstacle of her not talking . Could he be the one to fix her heart or will Adam get in the way because he wants to get back together with her !!


29. Gradutation day

            Lacey's P.O.V

                              I woke up this morning with excitement. I ate breakfast as fast as  could then went straight to getting ready. I put on my white dress that went to my knees and then my black heels. I curled my pink hair and then I did my makeup nice and natural. I was smiling the whole time excited for this moment. I slipped on my gown and put on my cap. As I was admiring my self in it I heard my brother call out "WE GOT TO GO NOW!" I told him," ONE MINUTE" the only reason we ere yelling was because he was all the way downstairs. I grabbed my purse with my speech and phone and then made my way downstairs.

                  I separated from my brother and went to wait where the students were waiting. I found Ash in the crowd of  students and went up to him and wrapped my arms from behind. I heard him chuckled and say," I see your wearing my bracelet." I chuckled to at this point and said," I thought why not." I then unwrapped my arms and went to stand in front of him so he could wrap his arms around me. I looked into his eyes and I said," This is the last time we will be high school students." He looked down a little and then said," Well this will be the last time we can do this as high school students." He leaned down and gave me a kiss and then all of sudden we were being told to start moving.

                        We got out seats and I happen to be seated by Ash. We had to listen to the opening part which is before my speech .The opening was boring. I manage to occupy myself by secretly thumb wrestling with Ash. Eventually It came my time to read my speech. No one, but Mrs.Rose has heard it. It made me nervous. However , I felt courageous at the same time. I got up to the podium started my speech:
                                                  "Today is the day , We are graduating. Some of us have been dreaming of this moment forever others have just come to realization, but for me this is point in my life were I can say I have made it this far, Why turn back now. A year ago I experience the  death of my mother. Many people do , but it just so happened when I did I was abandon by my friends too. This hurt me so bad that I just couldn't believe it myself. To top it off I was asked out a month later from all this and I thought it was genuine. However, I was wrong. IT turned out to be a plot from the start and a bet all along. This was the last straw for me. I couldn't bare more pain, so I stopped talking as most of you know. I spent the rest of eleventh grade not talking and half of senior year too. 

                            Someone came into my life though and taught me that sometimes the chance of getting hurt is worth it. He was right , I took a chance on him and it has proven to be worth it. The chance did come without bumps. We had our fights. One the sent both of our paths spiraling out of control. Stuff had happen and he was just done with me. This took another toll on my heart  I was in more pain, but to top it off when I got home that day I found out my father had died. That was the last piece of my heart. I ran away to a place I knew no one would look for me for a couple of days. After a couple of days there I tried to take my own life.", I start crying at this point," I didn't think I had much to live for , but pain. My dad had died without hearing my voice one last time , it seemed everyone who I let in broke me down some how. It was my breaking point. I was saved by the one person who I would least expect it from. Ash, after we had the fight I didn't think you would come back. 

                                All of this lead up to me talking and realizing that we are going to have a rough road a head you may have already experience it and someone you will experience soon, but when you do experience it remember this, you made it this far , why turn back now. IT's simple yet true. You may not see it then but there is a reason why to keep going forward and you will find it. Now for the last goodbye I will say to you after our paths have been intertwined for four years. See you someday class of 2015."

                                    I wiped off the tears as people begin to clap for me. I made my way back to my seat so we can get our diplomas. I have realized something that for the past year I been waiting for just one moment a place I can look at and say I did it that it will be okay from here on out and this is the moment this is the time I been waiting for and I am proud to say I have made it and everything will be okay.... As we threw our caps in the air Ash grabbed me and we kissed as they rained back down on us.


                   A/n Well that was the end... : ( I hope you all enjoyed reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please if you will got check out my other books. BYE

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