The mess you left behind

In eleventh grade Lacey's mother died. This took a toll on her heart. The pain was yet to end . Her friends that same year abandoned her . To make it worse it was when she needed them the most. Then who she thought was her saver just ended up ripping the last piece of her heart away. Now a senior Lacey still is dealing with the affects of her heart ache .
Ash a new student takes an interest in Lacey even after all the rumors and the obstacle of her not talking . Could he be the one to fix her heart or will Adam get in the way because he wants to get back together with her !!


26. back at school

            Lacey's p.o.V

                                 When we arrived at school I was a bit nervous. Ash however put his arm around me to reassure me about everything.  We walked inside and people were staring at me like always but it seems today a slightly different motive. Ash brought me to my locker and I said " I'll see you in first hour." He then said " Are you sure we can always hit my locker before we get there." I shook my head no and said " I'm sure, I'm a bigger person now." He leaned down and gave me a kiss and left. I put away and grabbed my books. I stood at my locker for a second longer and made my way to first hour. I was walking down the halls with a new sense of confidence in away.

                                            I reached first hour and walked in to my spot where Ash was already waiting for me. I smiled and made my way to him. We sat down and he asked " So how does your first day back feel?" I looked around for a second and said " Different." He smiled and wrapped his arm around me and we just sat back as class begins. The day went by slower than usual. I guess I was expected something or anything to happen to make my life worse than it has been in the past two years.

                        Second and third hour came by with twist as I actually talked in class leaving not only the students but the teachers in shock. I enjoyed it a little as to I been use to myself talking for a while now. Class actually seemed to be less of a pain to go to being able to talk and telling people to shut up....Although I didn't really tell people to shut up, it is good to know I can. Fourth hour came and I was used to the reactions and I was really used to talking by now speaking that for the last few teachers they basically interrogated me after I spoke. Lunch came and I got to seat next to ash and his friends.

                              When  I sat down the  Aiden , Max, and Riley waved at me and said " Nice for you to join us." I looked at Ash who simple had a smirk because he really enjoyed how people reacted to me talking. I then said " HI Max, Riley, and Aiden. " They had there mouths open shocked like most people and then stuttered " talked " I giggled and said " Isn't that what normal people do." They nodded there heads and then I said " Relax I'm just messing around with ya. I decided to start talking again." They were to shocked to speak to that and I just said " You'll get use to it." I picked up my lunch and started to eat while they processed it. 

                                         The rest of the day went by and It was time to go to my therapist. I met Ash in his car and I told him where I had to go and he decided to come with me again and he said afterwards I can go over his place. When we arrived I signed in and waited for my name to be called. Finally I heard " Miss Blake you may come in now." I turned to see my therapist in her doorway . Ash squeezed my hand before I let go and I went inside. I sat on the couch and she said " So Lacey I heard about what has happened over the last weekend want to talk about that." I simple shook my head no.

              He raised her eyebrow at me and said " Is there something you would like to talk about." I nodded my head and then said " I would like to talk about how I don't need to come here anymore as my problems have been solved with the help of someone else. In fact no offense ,but you wouldn't have been able to help me this was something I needed to figure out on my own. I'm sure if you contact my brother he will make the finial payments and this is going to be the last appointment as I see there is no more reason for me to come here." She was shocked at me finally talking and she said " When did you start talking again." I looked at her and said Monday morning at least . " She still looked at me with shock and said " Can you at least fill me in why you never talked ?" I then said " The people I trusted the most turned on me , simple as that I didn't want it to happen again. Are we done here." She finished writing  down a bunch of things and said " Yes, Lacey, you may go now, but inside of  monthly appointments for now lets do one every four months . I just want to make sure your still fine and at the end of 3rd appointment of it you may leave altogether." I nodded my head and said " I can arrange that."



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