A Love Triangles

Megan has only ever liked one guy, but when her friend goes behind her back and starts dating him, what's she supposed to do?The good thing is her friend's friend becomes more frequent in her life. The bad thing? Her old crush and new friend both start to develop feelings for her, and now she can't choose.


2. Chapter 2

 Alex and I lurched forward as the bus began to move, falling into the empty seat we had been moving towards.


 “Woah,” Alex says, trying to detach herself from my side.   


 “Yeah ‘woah,’” I repeated, shivering as I moved away from the frosted window. After being in Louisiana for the summer with my grandparents, it was taking quite a long time getting used to the freezing cold temperatures of Virginia winters.




 “‘So’ what?” I ask innocently, already knowing what she was going to start questioning me about.


 “Sooo have you stopped moping about the whole John-Kacey thing? I mean, I know it hurts, but you have to get over it sooner or later.”


 “You know, I actually forgot about it.. Until you reminded me, just now.”  I stated, slightly accusing.


 “Um.. On to another topic! Did you get my message at lunch yesterday? Sorry I couldn’t deliver it myself, by the way. Had to go to study hall for some stupid project I was assigned.”


 “Yah, I did, actually. Who’s Tristan anyways? I’ve never heard you say anything about him before, and yet he said he was in nearly all of your classes.”


 “Really?” she sounds surprised. “Hmm. I thought I’d mentioned him once or twice. Well, you obviously already know he’s in my classes, and that’s pretty much it. We’re kind of like only-in-class friends, if that makes any sense.”


 “I know what you mean.”


 For the rest of the fifteen minute ride to school, we talk in between songs, each of us having only one earbud in, about the books that we are reading, plot twists that had occurred, and our favorite ships, while softly singing along to the music.




 Lily and I walk toward our group’s usual round table, conversing about our weird gym teacher whom’s class we had just had. I notice a slightly hunched figure sitting at the table that became more defined as we get closer and closer.


 “Tristan?” I call out, unsure.


 He turns around in his chair, smiling, his hair slightly ruffled.


 “Hey!” he says happily, his eyes twinkling with a barely concealed sense of.


 "Umm what are you doing here?" I ask, slightly confused.


 "What, you don't want me here?" He asks mischievously, picking up his books and standing up as slow as humanly possible.  


 "N-No! T-That's not what I meant!!" I say frantically, flushing not long after as I notice his satisfied smirk, realizing that this was exactly the reaction he wanted.


 I sit down in-between Alex and Lily, across from Tristan. An awkward silence surrounds us, seeming to block out the loud noise in the cafeteria. Tristan breaks it, "So, umm... What's up?" He directs the question to me.


 "The ceiling." I say automatically. After hearing my friends say it so many times in response to my questions, it seems to have become a knee-jerk reaction for me.


 He likes my answer. I can tell. He leans back in his chair, his smile widening even more.


 "Is that so? I seemed to think it was the sky."


 "Well, you're obviously not up to date." I say, a sudden courage seizing me. "You see, the sky is only "up" when you're outside."


 "Then what's above that?"


 "Above what?"


 "The sky."


 "The unknown." I say.


 I stare into his eyes, those deep green eyes, and lose myself in them. After what feels like forever, I break out of my trance (taking notice of the fact that his head is closer than before), glancing around at the others. They all have a knowing, slightly amused, look on their faces.


 "So.." Lily says through her giggles.  


 And, of course, I blush.


 This seems to be the final straw for Lily as she finally breaks down into full blown laughter, causing Alex to do the same, soon followed by everyone else at the table (aside from Tristan and I).


 "Come along, Dear," Alex says, making a weird voice. "Come and learn the secrets of the universe."


 I follow Lily and Alex, Kylee trailing behind, to the bathroom, where (let's face it) everyone knows females plot world domination and share the secrets of the universe


 I turn around, looking back towards the boys. Kian and Jackson are both laughing, pounding Tristan's back, as though congratulating him. And though I think I'm seeing things, I'm sure that I see a slight blush on Tristan's cheeks.






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